AMC Networks Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility, Amount and Payout 

The AMC Network Settlement claim form is available at The claim deadline of AMC Network Settlement Claim form is 9th April 2024.

AMC Networks Settlement Claim Form 

The execution deadline of AMC Network Settlement claim form is also 9th April 2024 The objection deadline of this claim is 9th April 2024 at around 12 pm EDT. Final approval of claim is on 16th May 2024

The class action lawsuit against AMC network, Inc includes the settlement fund of $8,300,000, which will be disturbed to those members who are eligible on a basis of pro-data after reducing various expenses. 

The settlement is associated with the alleged disclosure of personally identifiable data of registered customers to 3rd party tracking organisations without their consent, in violation of the Video Piracy Protection Act. 

AMC Networks Settlements Claim Form Eligibility 

Before applying the form of AMC Networks Settlements Claim applicants needs to fulfil various compulsory eligibility criteria which are given below:

  • The individual must have been registered users of AMC’s streaming services. 
  • This involves AMC + and other particular services which are mentioned in the lawsuit like Shudder, Acorn TV, ALLBLK, and Sundance Now. 
  • Eligibility is limited towards users who made a subscription to the aforementioned AMC services between 25th March 2018 and 25th Jan 2023. 
  • Claimants need to assess these services with a mobile application, and online portal which is controlled through AMC. 
  • Individuals who have engaged previously in legal counsel to assert an arbitration claim associated with this issue on their behalf are not involved within the settlement class. 
  • The lawsuit does not mention particular geographical restrictions, implying that affected users nationwide could be eligible, provided they meet the various other criteria. 

By fulfilling all these criterias applicants are able to claim and submit the form of AMC Network Settlement successfully. 

AMC Networks Settlement Amount 

The overall AMC Network Settlement amount is around $8.3 million, it will be distributed among the class members equally. 

AMC Networks Settlement Claim Form

How to Submit AMC Network Settlement Form 

For submitting the claim or form of AMC Network Settlement applicants need to follow various instructions which are given below. Read those instructions carefully.

  • First visit to the official claim portal facilitated for the AMC class action lawsuit at 
  • Carefully read all the data about the lawsuit, settlement details and eligibility criteria. 
  • Must ensure that you fall in the explained eligibility criteria like being a registered user of AMC’s services in the specified time frame. 
  • Gather any essential documents or information supporting your claim such as proof of your service usage or subscription. 
  • Correctly complete the online claim form with your personal data and details about your AMC service usage. 
  • Cross check the information you entered for accuracy before finalising your submission. 
  • Select your submission method and then submit your claim by 9th April 2024. 
  • After the submission of the form save the copy of your completed claim form and any confirmation receipt for your record. 
  • The claims administrator will review your submitted application and determine your eligibility regarding settlement. 
  • After sometime again visit the official statement website or contact the settlement administrator. 

AMC Network Settlement Payout Date

The payout date of AMC Network Settlement Claim form is expected in the month of May 2024 after the final hearing. The exact date will be announced on the official website soon. The way for checking the application status is to call the settlement administrator at this number 888-871-5788 for further help. 

This is to make sure that you have submitted the complete claim form and you may also gain updates on the status of your claim with the contact data you facilitated when filing the claim. 

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