Social Security $600 Increase – Payout Date and How to claim it?

The federal government has extended its support to low-income, disabled, and elderly US citizens with an increase of 3.2% in COLA to fight the rising cost of living. Social Security recipients can expect their next payment with the hike, and get the full details of Social Security benefits from the article below. Social Security $600 … Read more

EI Payment Dates 2024: Why is my Employment Insurance late?

EI payment dates are typically scheduled about 28 days after applying for benefits, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and have submitted all required information. However, there is a one-week waiting period before benefits start. It’s important to regularly submit bi-weekly reports to maintain eligibility and ensure timely payments. EI Payment Dates 2024 Employment Insurance … Read more

CRA Grocery Rebate 2024 – Amount, Eligibility, and Status!

The CRA launched the Grocery Rebate in 2024 to help low-income folks with soaring food costs. Qualified Canadians could receive one-time payments, with singles getting $234 and those with two kids receiving $467, alongside their GST/HST credits. CRA Grocery Rebate 2024 The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) introduced the Grocery Rebate in 2024 to assist low-income … Read more

3m Earplug Lawsuit Update 2024 – Average Per Person Payout Details!

In 2024, the 3M earplug lawsuit settlement continues to progress. 3M surpassed expectations with an impressive over 99% participation rate. The settlement involves compensating service members for hearing loss due to defective earplugs, with individual payouts ranging from $7,000 to $700,000. 3m Earplug Lawsuit Update 2024 As of April 2024, over 99% of claimants have … Read more

Google Referrer Header Settlement Payout Date, Amount, Eligibility and Status!

Google Referrer Header Privacy Litigation claims Google shared users’ search queries with third parties from 2006 to 2013. Each individual is getting a payment of $7.70. The distribution of settlement has officially began on January 26, 2024. Google Referrer Header Settlement Payout The Google Referrer Header settlement payout is still ongoing. Google established a $23 … Read more