IRS ERC Update 2024 – Details about the Employee Retention Credit!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced updates regarding the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program on June 20, 2024. These updates address the processing of claims, potential legislative changes, and a reminder for employers to ensure the accuracy of their claims. IRS ERC Update 2024 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently announced updates regarding … Read more

Google Referrer Header Settlement Payout Date, Amount, Eligibility and Status!

Google Referrer Header Privacy Litigation claims Google shared users’ search queries with third parties from 2006 to 2013. Each individual is getting a payment of $7.70. The distribution of settlement has officially began on January 26, 2024. Google Referrer Header Settlement Payout The Google Referrer Header settlement payout is still ongoing. Google established a $23 … Read more

IRS Tax Payment Deadline 2024 – How to pay taxes online?

The second quarter deadline for paying the estimated taxes you owed to the agency was 17 June 2024. The taxpayers can read the article to learn about the next quarter’s payment date and everything about the estimated tax for the new users. IRS Tax Payment Deadline 2024 Eligible US people pay the estimated taxes every … Read more

Cintas ERISA Settlement – Eligibility for Payout and Latest Update

The Cintas Corporation employees secured the preliminary approval for $4 million settlements under the ERISA lawsuit. The associated class members can read the article to learn about the settlement and the distribution of the settlement.  Cintas ERISA Settlement The Cintas Corporation employees filed the ERISA lawsuit against the company in 2019, now after years of … Read more

IRS $8,000 Energy Rebate – Eligibility and How to Apply Online?

This IRS Energy Rebate offers rebates for whole-house energy projects that aim to reduce energy consumption by at least 20%. The maximum rebate of $8,000 is available for projects projected to save 35% or more in energy consumption. IRS $8,000 Energy Rebate This program targets whole-house projects that are expected to deliver at least a … Read more

Verizon Wireless Settlement 2024 Claim Form, Deadline & Per Person Payout

Verizon Wireless has reached a proposed $100 million settlement with eligible customers in a class action lawsuit related to certain administrative charges. Verizon customers who want to claim their share of the settlement need to act by April 15, 2024.  Verizon Wireless Settlement  Verizon Wireless has recently agreed to settle two class-action lawsuits The first … Read more

Boulder Food Tax Rebate Programme – Eligibility to get upto $318!

Boulder’s Food Tax Rebate Program is an important program that helps low-income residents defray the cost of food purchases by offering financial assistance. Eligible individuals get $318 as a rebate amount. To get the benefits individuals must submit an application form before the deadline. Boulder Food Tax Rebate Programme The Boulder Food Tax Rebate Program … Read more