IRS Refund Pay Schedule 2024 – Federal Tax Refund Release Date!

The IRS Tax Refund Calendar shows the important IRS Refund Pay Schedule 2024. Refunds are expected within 21 days after electronic filing. E-filers by January 29 may receive direct deposits or checks by February 9–13 or 16–20, 2024.

IRS Refund Pay Schedule 2024

The IRS wants to process computerized tax returns in less than 21 days from 2024. Potential refund dates for those who filed between January 23 and January 28 are February 9–13  direct deposit and February 16–20  checks sent by mail. 

The timetable is ongoing, providing taxpayers with certainty by matching each filing period to a fixed refund date.

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Tax Refund Approved by IRS Direct Deposit Sent by IRS Paper Check Mailed by IRS 
Jan 29, 2024 Feb  9-13, 2024 Feb  16-20, 2024
Feb  5, 2024 Feb  16-20, 2024 Feb  23-27, 2024
Feb  12, 2024 Feb  23-27, 2024 Mar  1-5, 2024
Feb  19, 2024 Mar  1-5, 2024 Mar  8-12, 2024
Feb  26, 2024 Mar  8-12, 2024 Mar  15-19, 2024
Mar  4, 2024 Mar  15-19, 2024 Mar  22-26, 2024
Mar  11, 2024 Mar  22-26, 2024 Mar  29 – Apr  2, 2024
Mar 18, 2024 Mar  29 – Apr  2, 2024 Apr  5 – 9, 2024
Mar  25, 2024 Apr  5-9, 2024 Apr  12-16, 2024
Apr  1, 2024 Apr  12-16, 2024 Apr  19-23, 2024
Apr  8, 2024 Apr  19-23, 2024 Apr  26-30, 2024
Apr  15, 2024 Apr 26-30, 2024 May 3-7, 2024

The IRS states that you should typically get your refund within 21 days after filing your federal return online. (Registering for direct deposit will expedite the process of receiving your funds.) It can take longer if there is a problem with your return or if you filed on paper.

IRS Refund Pay Schedule

IRS Tax Refund Dates

The IRS has updated the Tax Refund Calendar for 2024, which is available on their official website, to assist consumers in understanding the crucial dates for filing tax returns. 

Regarding the IRS, the majority of online filers will get their refunds in around 21 days, and they won’t have any issues with their regular tax filing process if they choose direct deposit.

If the IRS achieves its target of processing electronic tax forms in 21 days or fewer, tax refunds will be sent in 2024. Early tax filers often get their refunds in their bank accounts right away, allowing them to access monies as early as mid- to late-February.

How to check the IRS Tax Refund Status 2024?

Follow the Steps listed below to verify the Status of your tax Refund for the tax year 2023.

  • Visit the Internal Revenue Service’s official Website, which can only be found at
  • Go to The Tools & Applications section of the IRS Website.
  • You will now see a “Where’s My Refund?” option; Press it to go to the next page.
  • After selecting the aforementioned option, you will see a “Check your refund” option; Choose it to be taken to a different website.
  • Upon completion, choose your tax year, input your Social Security number, select your Filing Status, enter the refund amount, and click the Submit Button.

Severe weather has affected several regions of the United States: Businesses and residents in portions of West Virginia, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has labeled disaster zones have until June 17, 2024, to submit their federal returns.

How fast can I get my taxes back?

When to anticipate your refund is clarified by looking at the projected IRS refund tax schedule for 2023 returns. Since the IRS usually starts accepting e-filed returns around January 18, 2024, filing early might expedite the process. 

However, because of the January 31 documentation deadline, submitting early may result in the receipt of extra tax paperwork after filing. All things considered, taking the initiative may help you get your refund more quickly and smoothly.

There is an additional consideration for those who are claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Refunds for these credits cannot be issued by the IRS until mid-February; availability is anticipated by February 28.

April 15, 2024, is the date for submitting taxes for 2023 returns; an extension deadline of October 15, 2024, is also applicable. E-file returns received after November 1st are allowed.

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