IRS2Go Refund Status – How to track? Stages and their meanings!

IRS2Go is a mobile application, which is used to track the refund status filed by taxpayers electrically or on-Paper. If you are looking for step-by-step instructions to check the status of your refund filing, stay tuned.

IRS2Go Refund Status

IRS2Go, mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices, one can download it from the Play Store and App Store, respectively. It only helps the taxpayers to track their refund process, by checking the refund status, one can find out that his or her tax return is received, approved or sent. 

If you filed your tax return for the year 2023 electronically and on-Paper, you must know that after filing one has to wait up to 24 hours and 4 weeks, respectively, to check the refund status via IRS2Go application. To do so, it is mandatory to have SSN, Tax Year, Refund Amount and Filing Status, so make sure to be ready with these credentials.

Application IRS2Go
Platforms Available on Android and iOS devices
Download Available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS)
Required Information Tax year (e.g., 2023), SSN, Filing status (Single, Married-Filing Joint, etc.), Refund amount
Timing Up to 24 hours for electronic filing, up to 4 weeks for paper filing
Status Updates Updated every 24 hours
Stages of Refund Received, Approved, Sent

IRS2Go is an alternative for Internal Revenue Service’s ‘Where’s My Refund’ toll, it is basically developed by officials for taxpayers to track their filing status easily through the mobile phone. You need to know just like ‘Where’s My Refund’ toll, data is also updated here every 24 hours.

How to check refund status via IRS2Go?

In order to check the tax return status using the IRS2Go, it is mandatory for taxpayers to download it on his or her device. If you are using an Android device, you may download it from the Play Store, and an iOS device user may install it from the App Store. Now let’s come to know the step-by-step instructions to check the return status:

  • 1). Firstly, you have to run the ‘IRS2Go’ application on your device.
  • 2). After running the mobile application, you have to opt for the tax year as 2023; fill in the SSN; choose filing status as Single, Married-Filing Joint, Married-Filing Separate, Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er); and enter the exact refund amount in dollars.
  • 3). At the end, you need to review all the details you have provided, and then you have hit the ‘GET STATUS’ button to find out if your tax return is received, approved or sent.

If after going through the above procedure, you get the message ‘Information doesn’t match’ that means, the concerned officials of Internal Revenue Service have not yet received your return. Make sure that you are checking your filing status after 24 hours and 4 months of electrically and on-Paper filing, respectively.

IRS2Go Refund Status

What does the IRS2Go show?

Internal Revenue Service’s mobile application ‘IRS2Go’ shows three different stages of tax return, which are received, approved and sent. You may know the meaning of each from below.

  • Received – The Internal Revenue Service has received your tax refund, and their officials will verify details on your filing and process it.
  • Approved – Concerned officials of the IRS have already reviewed your tax return, and approved it i.e. you are going to get the refund amount in the next few days.
  • Sent – The IRS has sent you a tax return via the opted payment method, and you are likely to receive the direct deposit or paper check within 5 to 7 days and 10 to 14 days, respectively.

If your tax refund status message shows anything other than the above mentioned details, you need to contact the IRS to reason behind it.

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