Federal Tax Return Status: Check if your refund is approved by the IRS or not!

As of the IRS deadline on April 15, 2024, for tax year 2023, electronic filers typically receive their federal tax refunds within three weeks, with a maximum processing time of six months for paper filers. Commencing on January 18, 2024, the filing period extended until April 15, 2024. Over 90% of those who filed electronically have already received their refunds, and for those awaiting refunds, the approval is imminent.

Federal Tax Return Status 

It’s important to note that individuals facing difficulties filing by the deadline can request an extension until October 15, 2024. Electronic filers can check their refund status within 24 hours, while paper filers may need to wait up to four weeks to track the status of their tax return.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, after filing a tax refund electronically and on paper, the refund is received within 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 months respectively. The process of filing refunds electronically and on paper started on January 18, 2024, with the last date being April 15, 2024. More than 90% of those who paid tax in 2023 and e-filed have already received their refunds and those whose refunds are due, they are going to receive it very soon, once it is approved.

Whether an individual belongs to any State of US, if he or she not able file their refund by deadline, he or she must know that he or she can extend the deadline to file a refund to October 15, 2024 by filing an extension. If you file a tax return electronically and after three weeks you haven’t received it, then you must check that your return is approved by the Internal Revenue Service or not.


What are the credentials required to check the IRS Tax Return Status?

To check tax refund status using the Internal Revenue Service’s ‘Where’s My Refund’ or the IRS2Go application, you must know your Social Security number, filing status, refund amount and tax year, because all these are credentials are submitted on the web page in order to track that one’s return is accepted by IRS or not. You must know that refunds filed electronically are released within 21 days, its status can be checked within 24 hours; while refunds that are filed on paper take upto six months to proceed, to track it’s status, one has to wait for at least four weeks.

Federal Tax Return Status

How to track IRS Return Status?

To check the status of a tax refund filed electronically or on paper, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1). First of all, you go to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service whose URL is irs.gov/.

2). On the web portal of IRS, you will see the option of Get Your Refund Status, click on it and reach the next page.

3). Now you will see the option of Check Your Refund inside a block, click on it.

4). At the end, you have to click on the submit button by entering the tax year, social security number, filing status and refund amount.

After following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to check here whether your refund has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service or not. If you have not received your tax return even after it has been approved, you can contact the IRS by calling to get information about it.

What to do if a tax refund is not approved by the IRS?

After checking the federal tax refund status, if you come to know that your refund has not been approved by the Internal Revenue Board, then in this case you have to file by refund electronically again. Because the last date for filing a return has already passed and you are not from any storm affected state, then in this case, you will have to file an extension, after which you will be able to file a tax refund to receive it within three weeks.

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  1. I had to mail in my return because of identity theft,I mailed it April 15th IRS is saying they don’t have it what can I do


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