Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement Form – Eligibility and Benefits 

For anyone who had or bought an Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, or 7 Plus smartphone before December 21, 2017, and who installed or downloaded iOS 10.2.1 or later, you may be eligible for a class action payment and claim form is expected to begin March 2024.

Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement Form

The $ 500 million settlement for the lawsuit brought against Apple Inc. has been approved by the court. Apple has finally promised to compensate the millions of Apple users impacted by the offense after admitting that it intentionally slowed down some of its iPhone models to increase sales of the new Apple iPhone series in 2017.

With an expected settlement money of $65 million, the settlement funds, valued at $ 310 million to as much as $500 million, will be distributed to over 3 million claimants. If, however, the claim surpasses the $500 million maximum, Apple would give each claimant about $25.

On January 29, 2024, a hearing was held to determine whether to approve the Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement Form counsel fees. Until February 21, 2024, the court has postponed making a judgment on whether to approve the settlement. Canadian households will get up to $14.4 million from Apple. 

How Much Apple Lawsuit Claim Will I Get?

Each qualified gadget will earn the claimants $65 in compensation. However, if the settlement sum is above $500 million, the payout will be lowered. Should that be the case, the business will provide each appropriate gadget a cash payout of around $25.

About the payment schedule, the website’s FAQ page indicates that the final hearing—which is slated for December 4 is when the court will approve the settlement documents. In such cases, the qualified device holders will get the reimbursement right away.

Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement Form

How to claim Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement? 

To claim the Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement:

  • Verify if you meet the eligibility criteria for the settlement, based on owning specific smartphone models during a specified period.
  • Collect necessary documents, such as proof of purchase and details about the affected smartphone, to support your claim.
  • Go to the official settlement website for guidance. Look for the claims section, where you can find the online claim form.
  • Fill out the claim form with accurate information, attaching the required documents as specified.
  • Submit the completed form online within the specified timeframe.
  • Await confirmation of your claim submission. The settlement administrators will review your claim for validity.
  • If your claim is approved, you may be eligible for compensation or benefits outlined in the settlement agreement.

Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement Eligibility

To be eligible for the Canada Smartphone Performance Settlement:

  • Own Specific Models: You must have owned certain smartphone models during a specified period mentioned in the settlement agreement.
  • Experience Performance Issues: Eligibility often requires experiencing performance-related problems with the smartphone, such as intentional slowdowns.
  • Check Settlement Criteria: Review the settlement criteria to ensure your situation aligns with the specific eligibility requirements.

Requirements to Receive Apple Lawsuit Settlement Benefit

You must provide your name, email address, and an eligible iPhone serial number for an eligible device in the form found on the website to be eligible for the compensation amount. 

This page contains prior notifications about the devices that qualify for the claim settlement. You also need to have less performance on your qualified device.

You must include your routing and bank account number in the online claim form if you want your settlement benefit to be paid to you electronically via ACH.

It should be noted by claimants that different forms need to be completed for each qualified gadget they may have. You will be compensated by the settlement agreement for each of the legitimate claim forms you filed if you meet the aforementioned requirements.

How to Exclude from the Apple Lawsuit Settlement?

You must take action to leave the settlement class if you are qualified to receive the compensation amount but want to assert your legal rights. By contacting the claims administrator via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-833-649-0927, eligible claimants may get a claim form. 

Your name, postal address, phone number, eligible Class iPhone serial number, and signature must all be included in the request. You have to be aware that the request has to be submitted before the deadline. 

Nonetheless, it’s possible that the eligible device owners were left out of the settlement because they intended to take Apple straight to court about the iPhone Slowdown issue.

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