LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form, Eligibility, Deadline and Payout Amount 

The settlement of the class-action case covers all US consumers who, following an AccuFit fitting, bought prescription eyeglasses between September 5, 2013, and September 20, 2023. LensCrafters settled the class action lawsuit by agreeing to pay $39 million and For each pair of prescription eyeglasses, they may be able to receive up to $50.

LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form 

Customers must submit a claim form by March 27, 2024, at the latest, in order to be eligible for a LensCrafters settlement payout. You won’t be compensated if you don’t submit a legitimate claim form before the deadline. 

You have until March 27, 2024, to complete an online claim form or print a copy and return it to AccuFit Class Action Settlement, c/o Kroll Settlement Administration LLC, P.O. Box 5324, New York, NY 10150-5324. 

How to file LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form? 

Filing a claim for the LensCrafters Settlement is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you for filing the LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form:

  • Determining and ensuring your eligibility is the first step to moving forward with to claim form.
  • Then, decide whether you want to submit your claim online or by mail. 
  • Online Submission: 
    • Head to the official settlement website at www.AccuFitClassAction.com.
    • Click on the ‘Submit Claim’ option and insert your class member ID if you have one. 
    • Fill in the required details such as name, email, phone number, city, etc and Attach any required documents if needed.
  • Mail Submission:
    • Download and print the paper Claim Form from the official settlement website.
    • Complete the form with accurate information.
    • Mail the completed form to the following address: “AccuFit Class Action Settlement c/o Kroll Settlement Administration, LLC P.O. Box 5324 New York, NY 10150-5324”.
  • After submitting, you should receive a confirmation. If you do not, contact the Settlement Administrator to ensure your claim was received.

Your claim must be submitted online or postmarked by no later than 30 days after the entry of the Final Approval Order, which is around March 27, 2024.

LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form

How much LensCrafters Settlement will Pay?

The LensCrafters Settlement will pay eligible claimants up to $50 for each pair of prescription eyeglasses purchased from LensCrafters after being fitted with the AccuFit system during the class period, which is between September 5, 2013, and September 20, 2023. 

The total settlement fund is $39 million, and the amount each claimant will receive may vary depending on the number of valid claims submitted. Remember to submit your claim by the deadline to participate in the settlement.

When will I get the LensCrafters Settlement Amount?

The payment date for the LensCrafters Settlement has not been explicitly stated, but it will likely occur after the claim deadline, which is 30 days after the entry of the Final Approval Order. The Final Approval Hearing was scheduled on February 26, 2024, the payment process will begin sometime after the claim deadline of March 27, 2024. 

The exact timing will depend on the number of claims submitted and the court’s processing time. Keep an eye on the official settlement website for updates. Remember to provide complete and accurate information to avoid any delay in the processing of your claim. 

Settlement payments may be sent digitally via email, so make sure to provide a current, valid email address and mobile phone number with your claim submission. If you do not provide a valid email address, a physical check will be mailed to the street address you provide. 

Who is eligible for LensCrafters Settlement Claim Form?

A payment of up to $50 per pair of prescription eyeglasses may be due to U.S. residents who bought them from LensCrafters after getting fitted with AccuFit between September 5, 2013, and September 20, 2023.

Why LensCrafters Faced a Class action lawsuit and how the Settlement was resolved? 

The LensCrafters Class Action Lawsuit pertains to allegations against the company regarding its AccuFit Digital System. The lawsuit claimed that LensCrafters made false or misleading statements about the precision of AccuFit, which is used to digitally fit prescription eyeglasses. 

The plaintiffs argued that the claims of AccuFit being more precise down to a “tenth of a millimetre” were not supported by LensCrafters’ manufacturing process. As a result, a proposed settlement of $39 million has been reached for eligible persons. 

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