IRS Delays 2024 Processing Time and Factors Affecting Refunds!

Anticipation for 2024 tax refunds is met with concerns about delays. While the IRS strives for a 21-day processing period after e-filing, delays may occur due to multiple factors, resulting in extended wait times for taxpayers seeking refunds this tax season. IRS Delays 2024 While most people want their tax refunds quickly, sometimes the IRS … Read more

SETC Tax Credit IRS – How much is it and who is eligible for it?

Self-employed people can receive a tax credit from SETC up to  $32,220. The Self-Employment Tax Credit, or SETC, is the sole government program that provides self-employed people with additional money.  SETC Tax Credit IRS The SETC was enacted in March 2020 to assist employers in providing paid time off and unemployment compensation related to COVID-19. … Read more

Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024: Check the Implications and Insights!

Individuals with incomes between $44,626 and $492,300 were required to pay 15% on capital gains. Individual taxpayers whose total taxable income is $47,025 or less will not be required to pay capital gains tax for the 2024 tax year. Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024 Tax laws typically treat an asset’s profit as wages or salaries … Read more

IRS Tax Deductions 2024 – Eligibility for Standard and Itemised Deduction!

In 2024, standard deduction amounts increased: Single filers, married individuals filing separately: $14,600, Married couples filing jointly: $29,200 and Heads of household: $21,900. IRS Tax Deductions 2024 The IRS offers two main approaches to claiming deductions: the standard deduction and itemise deductions.  The standard deduction is a fixed dollar amount that automatically reduces your taxable … Read more

Robinhood Gold Credit Card – Check the Rewards and Benefits!

Tuesday night in New York City, at a first-ever product keynote event, Robinhood introduced the Robinhood Gold Card, the company’s first credit card. With a card that pays 3% cash back across all categories, the retail trading company is venturing into a cutthroat and complicated market. Robinhood Gold Credit Card With its inaugural credit card … Read more

AISH Payment Dates 2024 – Check the Monthly Payout Schedule!

Alberta changed the AISH payment schedule, moving it four business days earlier. Recipients will now receive their benefits earlier each month, providing extra time to handle bills and expenses. AISH Payment Dates 2024 AISH recipients will receive their March 2024 benefits on the 30th of the month, which will help them manage bills and expenses. … Read more