Verizon Settlement Payout Date, Amount, Eligibility Criteria, Status 

Verizon customers charged administrative fees between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, can claim part of a $100 million settlement. Eligible customers may receive up to $100, depending on the number of claims and their service duration during the eligible period.

Verizon Settlement Payout Date

While there was a Verizon class-action settlement regarding administrative fees charged to customers between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, the claim window to receive a payout closed on April 15, 2024.

Class-action settlements involve distributing funds amongst a large number of claimants. The final payout amount depends on the total number of valid claims submitted.

After the claim deadline, the settlement administrator verifies claims, calculates individual payouts, and distributes funds. It is estimated that payout will take place in August or September 2024.

Verizon Settlement Payout Eligibility Criteria 

The Verizon settlement involved a $100 million pool distributed to eligible customers who paid specific fees. The claim window to receive a payout closed on April 15, 2024, but understanding the criteria can be helpful:

  • Account Type: You had to be a current or former individual consumer account holder in the United States based on your last known billing address with Verizon.
  • You had a postpaid wireless or data plan with Verizon at some point between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023.Prepaid plans were not included.
  • Your account was charged Verizon’s Administrative Charge and/or Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge during the timeframe mentioned above. 
  • These are separate fees from standard service charges.
  • Verizon likely sent out email or postal notifications to potentially eligible customers based on their records.

Verizon Settlement Payout Amount

The Verizon settlement payout amount wasn’t a fixed sum for each eligible customer. Here’s why:

  • Total Settlement Fund: The total amount Verizon allocated for the settlement was $100 million.
  • Number of Claims: The final payout amount for each claimant depended on the total number of valid claims submitted by the deadline of April 15, 2024.
  • Pro-Rata Distribution: With a limited settlement fund, the money was distributed proportionally amongst all valid claims.
  • Although, it’s not possible to know now what the final payout amount per person will be. 
  • The settlement administrator would have determined this after the claim deadline based on the total number of claims received.
  • Total Number of Valid Claims:
    • Scenario 1: Few Claims: If relatively few customers submitted valid claims by the deadline (April 15,2024), the individual payouts would have been closer to $100 (assuming administrative and legal fees weren’t significant).
    • Scenario 2: Many Claims: With a large number of valid claims, the individual payouts would have been proportionally smaller. The more claims submitted, the less each person received due to the fixed settlement fund.
  • Administrative and Legal Fees: A portion of the $100 million settlement fund might have been used to cover administrative costs of running the settlement and legal fees for the settlement’s administration. 

Verizon settlement Payout Status 

To actively check the status of your Verizon settlement claim online:

  • Settlement Process: Distributing funds in a class-action settlement involves multiple steps after the claim deadline. 

The settlement administrator needs to verify claims, calculate individual payouts, and then distribute the funds. There typically isn’t a public online system for real-time status checks during this process.

Here are some alternative strategies you might consider:

  • Review Your Records: If you submitted a claim before the deadline, check your email or mail for any updates from the settlement administrator. 
  • They might have sent information about the estimated payout timeframe or how you’ll receive your funds (check or electronic payment).
  • Contact the Settlement Administrator (if possible): The official settlement website might have included contact information for the settlement administrator. 
  • However, with the claim window closed, they might not be able to provide individual status updates at this point.

How to get an update on Verizon Settlement Payout?

To contact the Verizon settlement administrators, you can use the following methods:

Review Your Records:

  • If you submitted a claim on time, check your email and mail for updates from the settlement administrator. They might have sent information about:
    • Estimated payout time frame
    • How you’ll receive your funds (check or electronic payment)

Contact Settlement Administrator:

  • 1-855-967-6006 (Toll-Free) for the Valley Plaza Realty v. Verizon Settlement.
  • 1-844-443-1029 for the Verizon ERISA Settlement.
  • Mail:
  • P.O. Box 9000 #6185, Merrick, New York 11566-9000 for the Verizon Administrative Charge Settlement.
  • 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA19103 for the Verizon ERISA Settlement.

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