Viatris Securities Settlement Claim Form, Eligibility and How to apply?

Viatris Securities Litigation proposed a settlement for shareholders who got Viatris stock in exchange for Mylan shares during the merger with Upjohn. The deadline to submit claims is July 2, 2024, pending court approval.

Viatris Securities Settlement Claim Form

Viatris Securities Litigation proposes a settlement for those who got Viatris, Inc. shares in exchange for Mylan N.V. shares during the merger with Upjohn, Inc.

The settlement is subject to court approval, and the deadline for submitting claims is July 2, 2024. The Notice and Claim Form can be obtained by contacting the Claims Administrator, A.B. Data, Ltd., at Viatris Securities Litigation. 

You can also access the Notice and Claim Form by downloading it from the website managed by the Claims Administrator at

Filing a Claim for Viatris Securities Litigation

The online claim process for the Viatris Securities Litigation is as follows:

  • Access the Viatris Securities Litigation website:
  •  Carefully examine the settlement details and information about the claim process.
  • The website should provide a downloadable claim form. You might need to create an account or register to access the form.
  • Collect documents proving your acquisition of Viatris shares through the Mylan N.V. merger. This could include:
    • Brokerage statements
    • Merger confirmation documents
  • Fill out the claim form accurately, providing details such as your contact information, the number of shares acquired, and relevant dates.
  • Follow the website’s instructions to submit the completed claim form electronically. You might need to upload your supporting documentation during this step.
  • Double-check all information before final submission. Once satisfied, submit the claim form and documents electronically.
  • Ensure you submit the claim form by July 2, 2024. Late submissions won’t be considered.

Viatris Securities Settlement Claim Eligibility

To determine your eligibility for the Viatris Securities Settlement Claim, make sure you fall in the below criteria:

  • Only investors who meet the following specific conditions can participate in the settlement:
  • Acquisition of Shares: You must have acquired Viatris Inc. common stock directly in exchange for Mylan N.V. shares during the November 2020 stock-for-stock merger.
  • Investors who purchased Viatris shares on the open market after the November 2020 merger are not eligible.
  • Anyone who did not acquire Viatris shares through the specific merger exchange process is excluded.
  • The settlement administrator will likely verify the information submitted in your claim form to confirm your eligibility. 
  • This may involve contacting your brokerage firm to confirm the details of your share acquisition.

Factors affecting Viatris Securities Settlement Claim payout

The key factors that can affect the amount of money you receive (individual payout) from the Viatris Securities Litigation settlement:

Total Number of Valid Claims:

  • This is a crucial factor. The total settlement amount is divided proportionally among all valid claims submitted by the deadline. 
  • If a large number of investors participate and submit valid claims, the individual payout per person will be smaller.

Your Shareholding in Viatris:

  • The number of Viatris shares you acquired through the Mylan N.V. merger directly impacts your payout. 
  • Investors who hold more shares acquired during the merger will likely receive a larger portion of the settlement compared to those with fewer shares.

Settlement Administration Costs:

  • Legal fees, administrative expenses, and other costs associated with managing the settlement will be deducted from the overall settlement fund before distribution. 
  • Higher administrative costs can slightly reduce the final amount available for individual payouts.

Pro Rata Distribution:

  • If the settlement uses a pro rata distribution method (most common), the Net Settlement Fund (total settlement minus costs) is divided proportionally based on the number of valid shares claimed by each participant. 
  • This means investors with a higher percentage of the total claimed shares will receive a larger payout.

Payment Method:

  • Once claims are verified and the distribution amount per share is determined, eligible claimants will receive payment via check, electronic transfer, or another predetermined method. 
  • The chosen method might be outlined on the settlement website or claim form.

Impact of Viatris Securities Settlement Claim

The impact of the Viatris Securities Settlement Claim can be considered from two main perspectives:

For Investors:

  • Potential Financial Recovery: Eligible investors who submit a valid claim form by the deadline (July 2, 2024) might receive a portion of the settlement fund. 
  • Claim Process: Participating in the settlement requires submitting a claim form and potentially additional documentation. This may involve time and effort for investors.
  • Release of Claims: By submitting a claim form, investors agree to release Viatris from any further legal claims related to the alleged securities violations.

For Viatris:

  • Resolution of Lawsuit: Settling the lawsuit avoids the ongoing costs and uncertainties of litigation. This allows Viatris to focus on its core business operations.
  • Financial Cost: Viatris will need to contribute to the settlement fund, which could impact its short-term finances.
  • Public Perception: The settlement, regardless of the outcome of the original lawsuit, might raise questions about Viatris’ past practices. 

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