Suave Deodorant Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility and Other Details!

The Suave Deodorant Settlement offers $2,000,000 compensation to eligible claimants.  To file a claim, submit the form by July 15, 2024. You’ll need proof of purchase for full compensation or can claim without proof to get an average retail price $3.29.

Suave Deodorant Settlement Claim Form

The Suave Deodorant Settlement Claim Form is a document that allows eligible individuals to request compensation from a class action settlement related to Suave 24-Hour Protection Powder Aerosol Antiperspirant or Suave 24-Hour Protection Fresh Aerosol Antiperspirant. 

To file the claim form, you’ll need to provide relevant information, including details about your purchase of the affected Suave antiperspirant products. You can file the claim form online through the official Suave Settlement website: or download the claim form to file it offline. 

By filing the claim form, you may receive a payment as part of the class action settlement. The exact amount will depend on various factors, but it’s an opportunity to seek compensation. To qualify for a payment, you must file the claim form online by July 15, 2024. To be taken into consideration, make sure you submit it by the deadline.

How to File Suave Deodorant Settlement Claim Form Step by Step?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file the Suave Deodorant Settlement Claim Form:

  • First, determine if you’re eligible to file a claim and collect relevant details, such as purchase receipts or records, to support your claim.
  • Visit the official Suave Settlement website at Alternatively, download the PDF claim form or request a paper copy from the settlement administrator.
  • If you received a personalised notification, you might need to enter the notice and confirmation code here; if not, choose the second option.
  • After that, fill out the claim form accurately with required information like name, address, city, zip code, information about your purchases, including product details, purchase dates, and locations and attach all the requested documents.
  • In the second last option, you have to choose a payment option which will be used to send a settlement payout if it approves.
  • If filing online, follow the instructions on the website. If submitting by mail, send the completed form to the address provided on the form or settlement website.

Who is entitled to receive compensation under Suave Deodorant Settlement?

Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for receiving compensation under the Suave Deodorant Settlement:

  • Purchasers of Eligible Products: Individuals who purchased Suave 24-Hour Protection Powder Aerosol Antiperspirant or Suave 24-Hour Protection Fresh Aerosol Antiperspirant between January 1, 2018, and March 7, 2024, are entitled to compensation.
  • Class Members: Anyone falling within the defined class of affected consumers is eligible. This includes those who meet the purchase criteria and are part of the class action lawsuit.
  • Submission of Claim Form: To receive compensation, eligible individuals must submit a valid claim form by the specified deadline (July 15, 2024).

How much can I get through Suave Deodorant Settlement?

The Defendant has agreed to pay two million dollars ($2,000,000) into a Settlement Fund. This fund will cover various expenses, including cash benefits for valid claim forms, administrative costs, attorneys’ fees, and service awards to Class Representatives. 

No payments will be made to members who do not submit a Valid Claim. Check the payout amount according to your havings: 

  • With Proof of Purchase: Settlement Class Members who timely submit a Valid Claim with Proof of Purchase will receive the purchase price for each Covered Product listed on the Proof of Purchase, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Without Proof of Purchase: Settlement Class Members without Proof of Purchase will receive the average retail price which is $3.29 for up to three (3) Covered Products claimed per household.
  • Adjustments: Each Settlement Class Member’s payment will be decreased by the amount of cash or voucher payments they have received or will receive for claims made in the Recall Reimbursement Program (but not reduced below $0.00).

How soon will I get Suave Deodorant Settlement Payout?

Once the Suave Deodorant Settlement is approved and finalised, the distribution of payouts typically occurs within a few months. But there are a number of variables that can affect the precise timing. The Claims Administrator will need time to process all submitted claim forms.

Verification of eligibility, review of documentation, and calculation of individual payouts take time. After claims processing, the court must approve the settlement. This step ensures fairness and compliance with legal requirements. Once approved, the settlement fund is distributed according to a predetermined schedule.

Claimants will receive notifications regarding their payout status. Remember that specific timelines can vary based on the settlement’s complexity and any potential legal challenges. If you have submitted a valid claim, stay informed through the official channel.

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