SASSA Increase 2024 – Check amount and other details from here!

The South African Social Security Agency is likely to increase the SAASA SRD amount in the coming year of 2024 from R350 to R2080, to find out more details stay tuned.

SASSA Increase 2024

Through a variety of subsidies, the Social Security Agency (SASSA) in South Africa is crucial in helping financially disadvantaged people and families. 

The government must review and raise grant amounts in order to guarantee a higher standard of living for people who are in need as the nation deals with economic difficulties and growing living expenses.

How much SASSA increased Grant Amount for 2024? 

The government of South Africa has approved significant increases in the number of SASSA grants for the year 2024. The aim of these changes is to enhance the recipients‘ overall health and financial security.

During the 2023 budget speech on February 22, 2023, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced the allocation of new funding totaling R227 billion over the medium term.

With R36 billion set aside to finance the COVID-19 SRD extension until March 31, 2024, R66 billion of this budget will be devoted to social development over the medium term.

SASSA Increased Amount 2024

According to some sources, these payment grants have been disclosed.

  • For individuals over 75, an old age award of R2,085 will be provided.
  • for those under 75, an old age grant of R2,105.
  • The War Veterans Grant will be increased from R2,005 to R2,105.
  • Disability grants will increase from R1 990 to R2085.
  • Grants for foster care will rise by R1,050 to R1,125
  • The Care Dependency Grant will increase to R2,085 from R1,985.
  • The allowance for child support will increase from R480 to R505.
  • Similarly, grant-in-aid will rise to R505 from R480.

When will the SASSA Grant Increase 2024 be applied?

The price rises will go into effect in October 2023. Because there are more people in the nation receiving social assistance, the government will be spending more money on these programs. 

The minister estimates that Social Development will get R1.1 trillion over the course of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)

The funds will be used to support social grants, welfare services, and increased advocacy for the rights of women, young people, and individuals with disabilities. The Finance Minister claims that the following grants will see increases:

  • Old Age Pension
  • Old Age Pension (above 75 years of age)
  • grants to War Veterans
  • Grant for Disability; Grant for Care Dependency
  • Grant for Foster Care
  • Grant for Child Support

SASSA Increase 2024

Purpose of SASSA Grant Increase 2024

Given South Africa’s enduring poverty and inequality, the decision to extend the R350 SRD award is a reflection of the country’s continued need for both financial assistance and social support. 

This addition will contribute to ensuring that South African individuals have access to basic amenities like food and housing. For a great deal of South Africa’s vulnerable population, the award is a lifeline, thus its continuation is a positive step in the ongoing struggle against poverty.

The government evaluates the value of social subsidies each year and disburses SASSA payments after accounting for living expenses, unemployment, and inflation. The goal of these monthly social subsidies is to assist individuals in meeting their fundamental necessities, which include housing, food, and clothes.

Methods to Get SASSA SRD Grant

SASSA encourages all recipients to use different ways to get their payments. Two of the methods are retailers and ATMs.

Social grant users can still use the SASSA Gold card, and they can use it anywhere that takes bank cards. Additionally, the card can be used at any location that offers the cashback option nationwide. Some more available and reliable methods are 

  • Bank ATM
  • Boxer
  • Shoprite
  • U-Save
  • Pick n pay

How to Apply For SASSA Grant Payment?

Your grant application may take up to three months to be processed by SASSA. You will start receiving money from the day you submit it if your grant is granted.

Go to the web portal for SASSA services. The SASSA services can be accessed by clicking the “Register A New Account” button. To authorize South Africa’s Registration Consent, check the box and press the Apply button. 

Complete the online “Client Registration” form by providing the necessary required data:

  • Your nationality 
  • Your identification number
  • Upload required documents 
  • Verify the ID you have.
  • Title (Mr., Mrs., or Miss)
  • Both your complete name and surname
  • Your electronic mail address
  • The password that you have selected 
  • Verify your password selection.
  • Your mobile number 

Press the button to get your One-Time-Pin OTP, which will be texted to the mobile number you provided when submitting your application. Enter your login and password to access the SASSA services page. 

Then choose the kind of grant you want to apply for by clicking on “Apply for a Grant.”  Complete the grant application form by entering all necessary data.

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