Sassa Status Check: SRD R350 Payment

South African citizens seeking information on their SRD R350 grant application and payment status. Eligible individuals can access their status through multiple convenient methods, such as the official website, Moya App, SMS, WhatsApp, or by calling the Sassa call center. The outcomes may include Application Complete, Bank Details Pending, and more. Regularly checking for payment dates is essential, and grant recipients can receive their funds through bank deposits or at designated outlets.

Sassa Status Check 

SASSA Status Check provides important information for South African citizens regarding their SRD R350 grant applications. It offers multiple accessible methods to check application and payment statuses, including the official website, the Moya App, SMS, WhatsApp, and phone calls to the SASSA call center. Various outcomes can be obtained, such as Application Complete, Bank Details Pending, and more.

Navigating the Sassa application procedure can be challenging, particularly when it comes to monitoring the progress of your award. The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides eligible persons with a monthly R350 stipend as a component of South Africa’s efforts to combat unemployment.

We explain everything you need to know about the Sassa Status Check in 2023 and how to keep track of your SRD Grant online in this post. Keep following along as we lead you through each step, aiming to maximize success and reduce frustration.

What Is Involved With The SRD Grant?

It attempts to assist people and families that are in dire need or extreme poverty. Each qualified applicant will receive an amount of 350 monthly stipend from the award. Applicants must fulfill specific requirements in order to be eligible for this grant. 

Status Sassa Status
Full Form South African Social Security Agency
Stipend R350 monthly
Official Website

They must be unemployed and citizens or permanent residents of South Africa. Additionally, they are not permitted to get any other kind of government support, such as pensions from SARS, student subsidies from NSFAS, or unemployment insurance fund (UIF), among others.

SASSA Status Check Link

How to check Sassa Status Online?

  • Send a message to the specified number to verify the progress of your SRD Sassa Relief Fund application by SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Include your ID number and adhere to any guidance given. You may quickly track the development of your application using this easy and practical way.
  • You may also use the Sassa website to verify your Sassa status online.
  • Go to the status check part of their official website. As asked, provide your ID number and any other necessary information. 
  • You may discover if your application has been granted or whether there are any outstanding concerns that require being addressed with only a few clicks.

SRD Status Online: Verify the Process is Complete

  • Checking the status of your grant application is simple using the SRD Status Check.
  • Visit the Sassa website and log in using your SASSA ID to begin checking.
  • You can obtain information about an application’s progress and various dates for review or appeals in its details by selecting the pertinent application, which will then open up its details if necessary.
  • The status should change from “pending” to “approved” once all submitted documents have been authorized, at which point payment will start to be released on a monthly basis.

How to update SASSA SRD Bank Details?

In order to ensure that they get their grant payments, SASSA SRD candidates must update their banking information. The applicant must sign in to the SASSA website using their MySASSA account and go to their profile page to change banking information.

They may enter all the required bank information, including Account Holder Name, Bank Name, Bank Branch Code, and Account Number, once they are on this page. It is crucial that applicants double-check all of this data for accuracy since any mistakes or discrepancies might cause the monthly award payment to be delayed.

In order for their application to be considered, applicants must provide their bank details if they stated throughout the application procedure that they were ‘Bank Details Pending’ within 72 hours of when they first submitted it.

When Does the R350 Grant from SASSA Expire?

It’s crucial to comprehend the R350 grant’s timing, which SASSA has provided. According to officials, the SRD grant will be given out through March 2023. This extension intends to continue offering assistance and support to jobless people during these trying times. This indicates that recipients of the Social Relief of Distress Grant, also known as the R350 grant, may anticipate receiving assistance for a maximum of six months during this time.

What if Sassa status is approved?

If Not Selected appears next to your Sassa status, it signifies that your grant application was not accepted. Although the news may be discouraging, hold onto your hope for now. There are still actions you may do to look into different possibilities and perhaps get help. If you check your SASSA status and it says Declined, it implies SASSA has turned down your request for the award. 

This rejection may be due to a variety of factors, including having several sources of income or being considered a debtor. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you will not be able to challenge the decision if your application was rejected because you are a debtor.

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