IRS Tax Refund 2023: File Return Electronically & Track Status @

IRS Tax Refund is released within 21 days, once it is e-filed, due date for filing for return was 18 April 2023. Out of all tax filers, a huge number have already received their return via direct deposit and check. For Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, the last date to file a tax return is extended till 31 July 2023, because these state affected by wind storm, if an individual who belongs from other than these states and yet filed for tax refund can file an extension, whose due date is October 15, 2023.

IRS Tax Refund 2023

Tax refund for year 2022 can be claimed through IRS Free File software, who paid tax last year and not yet filed for tax return whether electrically or on-Paper, he or she must be aware of the fact that if an individual don’t claim it i.e. file for on or before last date, then the amount will be of US Treasury. Each taxpayer needs to know that the return can be filed electronically or on-Paper. By choosing the first option, one can get it within 3 weeks and those who go with the second have to wait for at least 6 months or even more, in some cases.

As the due for the storm victims in 4 states: Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee is extended till July 31, 2023, if you are one of those victims and not yet e-Filed for tax return, you may do is ASAP, because due date is just a few day away, remember that if you won’t claim it, it will be the property of US Territory. If an individual doesn’t belong Strom victim state, and yet e-Filed for tax, he or she has to first file Form 4868 for extension, after which the individual’s due to file refund will be October 15, 2023. 

Note: As 15 October 2023 falls on Sunday, which is a holiday, so the due date extension filter is going to be October 16, 2023, as per the rule of Internal Revenue Service.

Who can file a Tax Return?

One who is a permanent resident of United States and paid tax in year 2022 can file for refund electrically or on-Paper, to do so, it is mandatory to have Social Security Number, and last year tax paying details, the Internal Revenue Service provide two softwares named Guided Tax Preparation and Fillable Forms for e-Filing for return, first software can be used by these who AGI is equal or below $73,000, and second is for those who AGI is above $73,000.

IRS Tax Refund

How to file for an IRS Tax Return?

Tax refund for year 2022 can be filed electronically through the software recommended by the Internal Revenue Service, you may even go with any other third party software, but you may charged a few dollars to do so, to file for tax return, it is highly recommended to use any of IRS Free File software, because it is free and very convenient for tax return filer, one can even file for tax return on-Paper, but he or she must be aware of the fact that by e-file refund a proceeds within 21 days, while on-paper tax return take time upto 6 months.

What after the filing for the 2022 IRS Tax Return?

After filing for tax return electronically or on-Paper it goes through the three stages, which are received, approved and released. After 24 hours of e-Filing for refund, one can track its status through the Internal Revenue Service webportal named ‘Where’s My Refund?’ or using the IRS2GO mobile application, on-Paper tax return filers have to wait upto 4 weeks to check the status. Once who will have filed for refund electronically, his or her return will be received within 24 to 48 hours of filing, after that it takes 7 to 15 business days to get approved and then by refund is released by the end of third week.

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