Capital One Class Action Settlement, Claim Deadline, Payout Date, Per Person Amount

The Capital One Data Breach Class Action Settlement, with a $190 million Settlement Fund, finalized on September 13, 2022. Eligible individuals had until September 30, 2022, to file claims for out-of-pocket losses and lost time. Identity Defense Services, including dark web monitoring and credit monitoring, are available for at least three years to all Settlement Class Members. Restoration Services, offering support for fraud resolution, are also accessible for a minimum of three years.  Please note that the deadlines for exclusion or objection to the settlement have passed. Payments to eligible claimants began on September 28, 2023.

Capital One Class Action Settlement

The Capital One Data Breach Class Action Settlement offers compensation to eligible individuals for out-of-pocket losses, lost time, and provides Identity Defense Services and Restoration Services for at least three years. It also mandates business practice changes for improved information security. The Final Approval was granted on September 13, 2022, and payments to eligible claimants started on September 28, 2023. This settlement aims to address the consequences of the data breach and protect the affected individuals.

$190 million settlement will happen in the multidistrict litigation brought about by the Capital One data breach. The proposed Capital One Class Action Settlement aims to give victims of data breaches compensation for actual out-of-pocket losses, as well as at least three years’ worth of identity theft and restoration services. This facility is available only for the Class Members who are eligible for the settlement amount.

Capital One has also agreed to undertake a few adjustments to its operational procedures for enhancing the security of Banks.

Capital One Settlement Payout Date

As per the updates, class members can collect an amount of $190 under the rules and terms of a settlement. For out-of-pocket losses that are “fairly traceable” to the data breach, those covered by the settlement (more on this below) may be eligible for reimbursement. The settlement will start on 28 September 2023.

Settlement Capital one Settlement
Settlement amount Up to $190 M
Eligible for Class Members
Transfer Mode Cash or Online
Settlement Claim Start date September 28th, 2023
Last Date to claim settlement November 27, 2023

These expenses, which must be supported by documentation, including Unreimbursed costs or losses brought on by identity theft, false tax returns, or other misuse of the person’s information; costs linked to a credit freeze on the person’s credit file that were incurred on or after March 22, 2019.

Capital One Class Action Settlement

Capital One Class Action Settlement Payout Per Person

The settlement will include pay out for time spent resolving or seeking to stop fraud, identity theft, or other abuse of the private details of data breach victims. The settlement amount per person will be around $20 to $40 and it also allows a reimbursement of $2500 for out of pocket expenses related to data breach. In addition to five hours of lost time that were not connected to an out-of-pocket loss but were spent dealing with or seeking to prevent personal abuse, data breach victims may be entitled to up to 15 hours of lost time due to qualifying out-of-pocket losses. 

Capital One Class Action Settlement Payout Date

The final date for the Capital One class settlement payout will start after 28 September 2023. As part of the settlement, Pango, a data security provider, will offer identity defense services for at least three years that are intended to identify and prevent probable fraud and identity theft. These products include identity tracking, security freezes, lost wallet protection, dark web monitoring, customer assistance, and helpful hints.

Anyone who had their Social Security number or the number for a connected bank account compromised could sign up for credit monitoring services.

Capital One Class Action Settlement Amount

A Class member can collect the payment of $190 in cash under the terms and conditions of Capital One Action Settlement. This amount can vary according to certain circumstances. The Capital One Action Settlement Amount is up to $190 M in total which is available for the Class Members only and they can collect the payment out of pocket expenses and lost time. This settlement also allows reimbursement.

Credit card applicants’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, self-reported income, credit information, transaction data, and, for some people, Social Security numbers or linked bank account numbers, are the important details which got revealed during the data breach.

Who can be a member of Capital One Settlement?

In an estimated record 98 million Americans were identified by Capital One whose information was compromised in the Capital One Data Breach and they all are eligible for the settlement. You are probably a member of the Settlement Class if you received a notice.

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  1. I still have a debit card from Capital One. I felt totally secure before someone hacked my account.
    I caught it quickly enough to where the amount wasn’t that much. However, to be told by Capital One that it was a chip on chip transaction and I was involved was a low blow. I never tried to regain about $190 to my account. It was for supplies in a Barroom. I just wanted to tell you something of whomever came up with that one. The money was never replaced. It was replaced and then removed.

  2. I do not recall being notified with my multiple Capital one Cards and accounts due to this data breach. Please let me know what I need to do!


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