Real Good Foods Settlement Claim, Deadline, Eligibility, Payout Amount

To settle a class action lawsuit involving spam messages sent to customers’ phones, Real Good Foods is committed to paying $1.25 million. On or before July 30, 2024, eligible individuals must submit a valid claim form to be paid from the Settlement.

Real Good Foods Settlement Claim

Customers who, after April 5, 2024, got unsolicited messages that were spam text from Real Good Foods about its products or services and who received texts even after choosing not to receive further communications from the company, would profit $1.25 million from the settlement.

Class members may choose to receive a cash payout or a voucher that can be used towards Real Good Foods merchandise, as per the conditions of the Real Good Foods settlement. Consumers can opt to get $25 vouchers instead of the $8.25 cap on cash payments per class member. 

Pro rata payments may be withheld from actual payouts based on the quantity of properly submitted claims. To be eligible for settlement payments from Real Good Foods, the class participants must file an appropriate claim form by July 30, 2024.

Who is eligible for Real Good Foods Settlement? 

Eligible members must apply for their share of the funds by fulfilling the eligibility requirements.

  • First of all, after April 5, 2024, consumers had to have received spam SMS about the company’s products or services.
  • Second, even though these individuals chose not to receive these communications, they still had to get texts.

How to file a claim for Real Good Foods Settlement? 

Here is the step-by-step procedure for filing a valid claim available that can help you while submitting a form.

  • Visit to the website.
  • Find and hit the claim form button from the menu bar options.
  • A new webpage is displayed on the screen.
  • Hit the “click to start a claim form” button.
  • Enter the unique ID that you receive on the email or postcard notice.
  • Fill out the details such as claimant type, name, country, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address, etc. in the contact information session.
  • Please enter the phone number you obtained a text from Real Good Foods LLC.
  • Choose the payment receiving method from the available options.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions.
  • Submit your claim form.

You’ll get an email with a confirmation number for your finished submission as soon as you submit your completed claim online. Make sure you save your confirmation email and code so you may return to them later if you need help with your Claim Form.

When and what does the settlement offer?

For the Settlement Class Members’ claims to be fully resolved and released, Defendant has consented to make $1,253,159.25 (the “Settlement Fund”) available for such claims. Defendant will additionally cover Plaintiff’s service award, the Settlement Class’s attorneys’ fees and expenses, and the settlement’s notification and administration costs. 

Once all Attorney Charges and Expenses, Notices and Administration Costs, and any Service Award have been paid, the Administrator will send a Claim Settlement Check to each Settlement Class Member who submits a timely, legitimate, accurate and confirmed Claim Form by the Claim Time limit.

This Claim Settlement Check will equal their pro rata share of any funds available (up to $8.25 per Settlement Class or $25.00 in the voucher that can be used to purchase Defendant’s products). Within sixty days of the Effective Date, Class Claimants will receive their Claim Settlement Funds at the address they provided on their Claim Form.

When will the Court make its decision about the Settlement’s approval?

The Court has set a Final Approval Hearing for July 15, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. During this hearing, the Court will evaluate the Settlement’s fairness, reasonableness, and suitability. 

The petitions made by the Class Counsel for service award to the class representative and for solicitors’ fees and costs will also be taken into consideration by the Court.

At that point, the Court will consider objections. The Court will choose whether to approve the Settlement after the hearing. How long it will take to make these determinations is unknown.

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