Illinois Instagram Settlement Payout – Release of $32.56 Payment started!

The most-awaited Illinois Instagram class action settlement was finally processed to the claimant’s bank accounts on 7 June 2024. The class member who submitted their claim last year can read the article to learn about the settlement payout.

Illinois Instagram Settlement Payout

A class action lawsuit was filed against Meta, claiming the Social Media Giant, Instagram has violated the user’s privacy by allegedly collecting and keeping the record of Illinois’s Biometric data.

Meta does not agree with the class action lawsuit allegation but decided to settle the legal matter with a $68 million settlement to compensate the affected users of the company during the class period.

Recently, in March 2024, the court approved the $68 million class-action settlement proposed by the defendant in the final hearing of the class-action settlement.

The class members who used Instagram in Illinois between 10 August 2025 and 16 August 2023 and submitted their valid claim before 27 September 2023 claiming the deadline for the settlement will receive the settlement amount.

The claimants of the Illinois Instagram class action settlement must have received the settlement amount in their account through automatic payments as the class administrator processed the electronic settlement amount on 7 June 2024.

The court has prohibited the company from sharing and collecting Biometric identification and information from social media applications under Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act.

How much can you expect from the Illinois Settlement Payout?

According to reports, the settlement amount of $68.5 million will pay for the following expenses of the settlement:

  • Settlement Administration Expenses
  • Service Awards to the Class Representatives.
  • Taxes and Tax Expenses
  • Attorney’s Fee and costs
  • Settlement payments,
  • Fee award to any class counsel.

The class member who has timely submitted their claims and opted for the electrically must have already received their settlement payment. According to reports, they have received $32.56 in their account.

Reasons for not receiving your Illinois Instagram settlement payout 

Most of the class members of the Illinois Instagram class-action settlement who have chosen the electronic method may have already gotten their hands on the payments.

However, people who haven’t received the payment can check the following possible reasons for your pending payment:

  • Your claim can be invalid and you may be ineligible to receive the payment.
  • Your bank account details have changed and you haven’t informed the authorities.
  • You have to opt for a mail check instead of an online payment method for the settlement compensation of the Illinois Instagram settlement lawsuit. According to the settlement authorities, the mail check can take 30 days to deliver depending on your locality. You must wait till 7 July 2024, and if still don’t receive your settlement amount you can request a reissue on the settlement website.

What happens when you miss your Illinois Instagram settlement payout?

According to the settlement administrator, the payments that failed via electronic method will come back to the authority.  The authority will again process the payment via mail check at the registered address as mentioned in the Claim Form, you submitted last year.

However, if you still haven’t received your Instagram settlement payment you can go for the reissue option, remember you should go for reissuance after 30 days when you still haven’t received your mail check.

Steps to request the reissue of your Illinois Settlement payout check

You can request the reissuing of the check at your mailing address through your Distribution ID and Check the number on the official settlement website of the Illinois Instagram privacy settlement.

You can follow the below steps to request a check reissue of the Illinois settlement when even after 30 days, you haven’t received the payment:

  • Go to the settlement website of the Illinois Instagram privacy settlement at
  • Next, scroll down to the recent update and there you will find the “Here” option attached to the check reissue request link.
  • On the next page if you have your Distribution ID and Check number, fill them in the respective section or click on the other option if you don’t have the respective information.
  • People with no Distribution ID and check number, must enter other asked details on the website and submit the request to receive the Illinois Instagram settlement payment check.

The Illinois class action settlement with Instagram is similar to the Illinois settlement with Google, Facebook, and Snapchat, where millions of people have received compensation from social media companies.

The settlement has finally reached its final stage, so keep an eye on your bank to identify your settlement payment or submit a check reissue request if you don’t receive the payment on time.

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