Betterhelp Settlement Claim Form – Eligibility for Payout and Other Details!

The Betterhelp current and former customers may receive compensation from the Betterhelp settlement amount of $7.8 million. The eligible impacted customers can read the article to know everything about the claim form of BetterHelp settlement, payout date, and expected per-person payment. 

Betterhelp Settlement Claim Form

Last year, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged BetterHelp for sharing health data and personal mental health questions with third-party apps like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. for advertising purposes. 

FTC also says that the company shared the emails and IP addresses of the customers while sharing the data. In March 2023, the California-based company BetterHelp proposed a settlement of $7.8 million to settle the FTC’s allegation. The company has not agreed with the allegations and admits no wrongdoings. 

The impacted BetterHelp eligible customers would have received the eligibility notices via email for the BetteHelp settlement fund in May 2024. Customers will receive several payment options through the notice provided by the independent administrator of the BetteHelp settlement, Ankura Consulting Group.

The Betterhelp customers who wish to choose their payment method must have selected their payment method by 10 June 2024 through the online claim form hosted by the independent administrator.

What are the payment options available for the BetterHelp Settlement?

The eligible customers with notice can choose the payment options from the following options for their BetterHelp compensation under FTC allegation:

  • A Check in the mail
  • Through Zelle Payment 
  • PayPal payment to a different email address. 

The eligible customers who choose to do nothing by 10 June 2024 will receive the payment through PayPal payment at the email address they receive the payment notice from the administrator. 

So, if you have done nothing and your email address is no longer valid, you may miss your BetterHelp payout. 

Who will receive the Betterhelp Settlement amount? 

The BetterHelp refund program includes customers who meet the following requirements:

  • The BetterHelp customers who have signed up or paid for the services between 1 August 2017 and 31 December 2020. 
  • The online counseling services offered by BetterHelp through their several websites are included in the BetterHelp FTC refund program are:
  • Teen Counselling 
  • MyTherapist 
  • Faithful Counselling
  • Regain 
  • BetterHelp 
  • iCounselling
  • Pride Counselling
  • Terappeuta
  • Regain

How much settlement payment can you expect through BetterHelp Settlement?

According to previous FTC updates, around 800,000 people received the eligibility notices for the BetterHelp settlement via email. In FTC, the attorney does not get any portion of the settlement amount as they receive the salary from the FTC. 

The settlement amount distribution mainly depends on the number of eligible claimants as in FTC, the settlement fund is evenly distributed among each recipient. In most cases of FTC, each recipient receives the amount equal to his percentage of loss due to the defendant’s misconduct. 

Hence, each Betterhelp settlement recipient can expect a payment of $10 from the settlement amount of $7.8 million. 

When can you expect the Betterhelp Settlement Payment? 

According to the FTC, eligible and impacted BetterHelp customers can expect a refund in 2024 late summer through their preferred methods. The date of the payment may vary for different customers depending on the payment method. 

The FTC dashboard breaks down the funds for state-by-state distribution, so the consumers can receive the compensation on time. 

For more information on the BetterHelp Settlement refund program, the claimants who have submitted their forms can submit their query on any of the following communication methods:

Remember, FTC never asks for any payment, makes threats, or tells you to transfer any money to process your refunds, so if you ever receive any such message or notification, immediately report it to the respective authority and stay vigilant of such scams. 

The BetterHelp Refund program is now at its final stage of processing the settlement fund of $7.8 million among the eligible and impacted consumers. The claimants will receive the payment from the administrator through their preferred payment options later in 2024 summer, so make sure you keep an eye on the bank details to know about the payout.

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