VA Extra Payment 2024: Eligibility, Amount, What if payment is not received?

In 2024, veterans receiving Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability payments are eligible for a 3.2% increase in benefits, with monthly payments ranging from $165 to over $3,600

VA Extra Payment 2024

The VA adjusts disability benefits annually to account for inflation. This year’s increase reflects a 3.2% Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) implemented in 2024. 

The VA disability payment schedule for 2024 outlines the payment dates, with payments typically made on the first business day of the following month, or the last business day of the preceding month if the first day falls on a non-business day or holiday.

VA Payment 2024 Eligibility

To receive the VA Extra Payment 2024, you must be falling in the below mentioned criteria:

  • Service-Connected Disability: You must have a disability that is connected to your military service. The VA determines this through a disability rating process.
  • Disability Rating: You must have a VA disability rating assigned by a VA doctor. The higher the rating (percentage), the greater the potential increase in benefits.
  • Discharge Status: You must have received an honourable discharge or a general discharge under honourable conditions to be eligible for VA disability benefits.
  • Dishonourable Discharge: Veterans who were dishonourably discharged are not eligible for VA disability compensation, including the COLA increase.
  • Non-Service Connected Disabilities: Veterans with disabilities not connected to their military service are not eligible for this increase.
  • Dependents: Veterans with dependents (spouse and/or children) receive additional monthly payments on top of their base compensation. 
  • The COLA applies to both the base amount and the additional payments for dependents. 

VA Extra Payment 2024 Schedule and Amount 

The VA extra payment amount for 2024 is $3,600, which is part of the VA stimulus checks provided to eligible veterans to assist with their living expenses. 


  • The VA extra payment for 2024 is set at $3,600, designed to provide financial support to eligible veterans who are disabled due to service-related injuries or illnesses.

Payment Dates:

  • The payment dates for the $3,600 VA stimulus check in 2024 are scheduled for the first day of each month, although this may vary due to holidays or other reasons.
  • The payment dates for 2024 are outlined as follows: January 1st, February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, May 31st, June 1st, July 1st, August 30th, September 1st, October 1st, November 29th, and December 31st.

Factors Affecting Your VA Extra Payment 2024

The factors influencing the increase in VA extra payments for veterans are:

Disability Rating:

  • The percentage assigned by the VA based on your service-connected disability severity.
  • Directly impacts your base compensation.
  • Higher rating = larger base compensation = larger COLA increase.


  • Veterans with spouse/dependent children receive additional monthly payments on top of base compensation.
  • COLA applies to both base and dependent allowances.
  • The exact amount veterans receive as part of the $3,600 VA stimulus check depends on their disability rating, which can range from 10% to 100% based on the severity of their condition.
  • The payment is directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account to provide timely financial support for their needs.
  • Veterans with dependents see a slightly larger “extra payment” compared to those without.

Inflation and Living Expenses:

  • Inflation plays a significant role in determining the increase in VA extra payments, as it affects the purchasing power of veterans and the cost of essential goods and services.

What if I don’t receive VA extra payment 2024?

If you believe you haven’t received the VA extra payment (COLA increase) in 2024, here are some steps you can take:

Check for the Increase:

  • Review Recent Payment Statements: The VA might send paper statements detailing your disability payment. 
  • Look for a statement dated after March 1st, 2024 (assuming you receive benefits on the 1st business day of the month). This statement should show the increased amount due to the COLA.

Take Action:

  • Contact your Regional VA Office: If you’ve verified your eligibility and checked for the increase but haven’t received it, contact your local VA regional office. They can investigate the issue and ensure you receive the correct amount. 
  • VA Helpline: Alternatively, you can call the VA’s benefits helpline at 1-800-827-1000 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time) to inquire about your payment.

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