Cost Of Living Rebate – Amount & Eligibility for vulnerable and all other households!

Eligible households are receiving assistance from the Queensland Governments through the Energy Bill Relief Fund. The Queensland government’s cost-of-living relief package is an extension of this assistance, commencing from 1 July 2023.

Cost Of Living Rebate

Queensland’s ownership share in the state’s energy assets is primarily responsible for the Cost of Living Rebate.

The Australian government will use the Energy Bill Relief Fund to partially fund the rebate for certain households, such as those who are eligible for it.

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The first two installments will show up on electricity bills sent out after July 2023 and early October 2023, when they were applied to accounts. The dates of the upcoming installments are January 2024 and April 2024.

How much will the Cost of Living Rebate be paid?

Queenslanders who qualify for the Cost of Living Rebate will save money on power in 2023–2024. Capable households will one of the following:

  • The total rebates for Queenslanders going through the hardest times come to $1,072
  • $550 for all other Queensland households 
  • $700 Cost of Living Rebate on electricity bills for qualifying vulnerable households
  •  an additional $372 for those receiving the Queensland Electricity Rebate.
  • The rebate will be applied every quarter to electricity bills for the majority of families starting on July 1, 2023. The precise date will rely on the technical requirements of each merchant as well as their unique billing cycle.

How you can get a Cost of Living Rebate 2023

In 2023–2024, the power bills of every other household in Queensland will automatically get a $550 Cost of Living Rebate.

Concession card holders:

  • Concession cards that currently receive a $372 electricity rebate will also receive a $700 Cost of Living Rebate.

If you are receiving a concession right now:

  • Nothing has to be done on your part. Your electricity account will automatically receive $175 in quarterly installments from the refund. After July 31st, the first one will be credited to your subsequent bill. For other dates, see the list below.

Non-concession cardholders:

  • A $550 Cost of Living Rebate will be given to every other household that has an active electricity account. Your electricity account will automatically receive quarterly payments of $137.50 from the refund. The first one will be credited to your subsequent bill after July 31.

Cost Of Living Rebate

Who is eligible for the Cost Of Living Rebate for vulnerable households?

You will automatically be eligible for the $700 Cost of Living Rebate if you currently get the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate. 

The extra refund will be issued automatically to your electricity bill during the 2023–2024 fiscal year, so there is no need for you to ask for it. Each quarter, the refund will show up as a $175 credit on your electricity statement.

You can determine your eligibility if you don’t receive the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate. You must meet the eligibility requirements, which include having any of the following, to be eligible for this rebate:

  • Veterans’ Affairs or Queensland Seniors Card Services
  • Australia Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card Services
  • Residents must present their ImmiCard information to obtain the Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card, the War Widow/er Pension, or the special rate TPI Pension.
  • This includes those who possess an Ex-Carer Allowance Child Health Care Card or a Low Income Health Care Card.
  • The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Foster Child Health Care Card, and Seniors Business Discount Card do not qualify for the electricity rebate.

To find out if you qualify for the Queensland Electricity Rebate, get in touch with your electricity provider or learn more about the qualifying requirements.

Who is eligible for the Cost Of Living Rebate All Other Households? 

Residential consumers must have an electricity account with their energy provider and be independently metered and invoiced for their electricity consumption to qualify for the $700 or $550 rebate.

Refund payments will not be made to customers whose property is not independently metered or who do not receive a separate power bill for example, if their rent includes electricity.

Only grid-connected consumers are eligible for the Cost of Living Rebate; there are a few exceptions, such as in cases where Ergon Energy is the power retailer.

Customers who use card-operated meters and grid-connected customers with power on-supply arrangements have separate plans in place to get the reimbursement.

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