Tax ID Number Lookup: Check the step-by-step instructions here!

Tax ID Number Lookup is a tool for individuals and businesses seeking to verify or retrieve Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs). With this service, users can efficiently access essential information associated with TINs, aiding in compliance and financial processes.

Tax ID Number Lookup

The streamlined process of Tax ID Number Lookup tool allows for quick verification, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate record-keeping. Whether for tax returns, treaty benefits, or other documentation, a Tax ID Number Lookup simplifies the verification process, contributing to a smoother and more efficient financial workflow.

Some company owners know their business Tax ID Number Lookup, but most individuals know their SSN. EINs aren’t used daily, so memorizing them is harder than remembering your company’s phone number or location. However, paying business taxes and getting small company loans need your EIN. Those circumstances need accuracy and quickness. You may miss a company tax deadline or get vital financing without a tax ID.

Your company Tax ID Number Lookup should be conveniently accessible or memorized. As a small company owner, you may not realize you don’t know your EIN until halfway through your tax return. Do not worry! Finding a lost, forgotten, or missing company tax ID is simple and free. Stress-free federal tax ID search guide. We also offer EIN searches for other businesses.

Federal Tax ID for a Business

Federal tax ID lookups search for businesses by tax ID or employer ID. The IRS issues tax IDs to firms based on structure. Businesses frequently get new ID numbers when they restructure. The US government identifies businesses with federal tax IDs. IRS uses EINs with nine digits to manage taxes for the following entities:

  • Employer
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Trust or government agency
  • Corporation

A grantor, owner, or trustee of an organization receives an EIN. EINs are issued “one per responsible party per day”. To ensure tax administration success, the IRS only issues EINs to approved parties. EIN applicants must identify as third-party designees. EINs may be obtained online or on Form SS-4. A US-based company may apply for an EIN online.

How to find your business tax ID number?

  • Check your EIN confirmation letter
  • Look into potential records for your EIN elsewhere
  • Call the IRS

Tax ID Number Lookup

Business tax ID number Lookup Your 3 Best Options

The following are the top three methods for locating your company tax ID number:

Check your EIN confirmation letter:

  • The IRS would have sent your EIN confirmation letter online immediately if you applied online. You may have chosen a conventional mail receipt.
  • Your confirmation letter arrived by return fax if you applied via fax.
  • Return mail would have included your confirmation letter if you applied by mail.

Check other Places your EIN could be Recorded:

Forgot your EIN confirmation letter? Get creative to locate your company tax ID number. Fortunately, an EIN usually locks down your tax ID for the life of your firm. That simplifies the EIN search.

Find your EIN in these other places:

  • Old federal tax returns
  • Official tax notices from the IRS
  • Business licenses and permits and relevant applications
  • Statements from business bank accounts or an online account profile
  • Old business loan applications
  • Your business credit report
  • Documentation pertaining to employee compensation (including 1099s received or given to you in your capacity as an independent contractor).

Call the IRS to locate your EIN:

  • If you can’t find your EIN in one of the following papers, the IRS can assist with a federal tax ID search. A staffer from the IRS’s Business and Specialty Tax Line will provide you with your EIN over the phone. The Business and Specialty Tax Line is open 7 a.m.–7 p.m. ET Monday–Friday. Call wait times might be considerable, so this should be your final choice.

Why you need to know your business tax ID number

  • While paying company taxes or submitting business tax returns
  • The process of requesting a business loan
  • When creating a bank account for a company
  • When requesting a credit card for commercial use
  • When providing independent contractors with Form 1099s

How to find another company’s EIN?

To get the federal tax ID number of another firm, use one of the following methods:

  • Ask the company
  • Search SEC filings
  •  Inquire with a credit bureau 
  • Use a paid EIN database
  • Use Melissa Database for nonprofits

How to change or cancel an EIN?

  • You modify your company entity or incorporate it for the first time.
  • You either inherit or purchase an already-existing company.
  • Your firm merges with another business to become a subsidiary.
  • You are facing a bankruptcy process and are a solo owner.
  • As a lone owner, you set up a pension, profit-sharing, or retirement plan.
  • The Secretary of State of your state issues you a new charter.
  • The ownership structure of your business has changed.

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