US Military Pay Chart 2024: Check the increased salary of different posts!

The 2024 US Military Pay Chart proposes a significant 5.2% pay increase for military personnel, making it the largest in 22 years. If approved, this raise would take effect on January 1, 2024. It has passed the Senate but awaits reconciliation and approval in the House before becoming law. This boost in pay would have a substantial impact on junior enlisted soldiers, with raises of over $1,500 for many, while higher-ranking officers would also see substantial increases in their pay.

US Military Pay Chart 2024

5.2% pay increase, is set to impact military personnel notably. If approved, this raise will take effect on January 1, 2024. Senate approval was achieved with a vote of 86 to 11 on July 28, 2023. Junior enlisted soldiers can anticipate raises of over $1,500, and even higher-ranking officers will experience substantial pay increases. The budget proposal aligns with President Biden’s call for a 5.2% pay raise in his Fiscal Year 2024 budget, in compliance with U.S.C. Title 37, Chapter 19, 1009. However, it awaits reconciliation and House approval before becoming official.

According to budget projections US Military Pay Chart published by a significant House committee on Monday, service personnel will begin receiving their largest pay boost in 22 years in January. The decision to implement a 5.2% hike for 2024 would result in raises of over $1,500 for the majority of junior enlisted soldiers in 2019 and thousands more for higher levels. With three years of service, an E-4 enlisted military member would get nearly $1,700 more in take-home pay in 2019 to the 5.2% US Military Pay Chart increase. 

The increase amounts to an additional $3,000 for junior officers and senior enlisted members. In 2024, the additional pay for an O-4 with 12 years of service will be more than $5,400. President Biden presented his proposed federal budget for Fiscal Year 2024 on March 9, 2023. His proposal calls for uniformed service personnel to get a 5.2 percent US Military Pay Chart. If approved, the proposed salary raise will take effect on January 1, 2024, and it is consistent with U.S.C. Title 37, Chapter 19, 1009.

2024 Active Duty Enlisted basic military pay chart 

Military pay charts are updated annually and are subject to change based on various factors, including budget considerations, economic conditions, and government policies. To access the most accurate and up-to-date information about the 2024 Active Duty Enlisted Basic Military Pay Chart, visit the official website of the U.S. Department of Defense or the specific website of the branch of the military you’re interested in (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Space Force). These official sources will provide you with precise pay rates for different ranks and years of service for the year 2024.

us military pay chart 2024

How does this year’s Proposed Military Pay Raise Compare to Last Year’s?

Despite the fact that the pay boost for the military in 2023 was lauded as “the largest since 2002,” some people argued that it was not enough to keep up with growing prices caused by inflation, which reached its highest point of just under 10% in the summer of 2022.

Would the 2024 Pay Raise Affect Military Retirement Pay or Federal Civilian Employee Pay?

No. According to, federal civilian workers are not necessarily affected by these military pay hikes that are tied to the ECI. The same is true for military retirees, who get COLAs rather than pay increments but do not receive salary increases. The Consumer Price Index is used in the calculation of annual COLA.

Pay scale monthly base pay

  • For an E-1 with at least four months of service, $2,600.60
  • $2,799.20 for an E-2
  • E-3 salaries range from $2,900.90 to $3,050.60, based on years of service.
  • E-4 salaries range from $3,010.50 to $3,260.30, based on years of service
  • E-5 salaries range from $3,100.30 to $3,250.20, based on years of service.
  • An E-6 with under two years of experience may earn $3,210.

Is the 2024 Military Pay Raise Approved?

No, despite frantic stories about this soldier pay hike, what was really announced in the first week of March 2023 was more of a list of priorities; as of this writing, neither the House nor the Senate had enacted it into law or given it their approval. The 2019 budget is anticipated to be another round in the fight to cut government spending, but many on both sides of the aisle want to keep military pay increases above inflation.

Add to it the perception in the House and Senate that spending for the fundamental requirements of the military is inadequate and requires revision. And those issues won’t go away in 2023 either; some have criticized the new Basic Needs Allowance as having good intentions but so far doing nothing to improve the living standards of soldiers in need.

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