Social Security Payments This Month – Payout Date for May 2024!

Your May Social Security check will be arriving soon as May draws to a close. Most recipients will have to wait until later this month, but some may start receiving payouts this week on May 1. Your birthdate and the date you began receiving Social Security benefits determine when your check will arrive.

Social Security Payments This Month

Social Security payments in May 2024 are scheduled based on the beneficiaries’ birth dates and other specific criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the Social Security payment dates for May:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients will receive their payments on Wednesday, May 1st.
  • Individuals who have been receiving benefits since before May 1997, or those who receive both SSI and Social Security benefits, will get their Social Security payment on Friday, May 3rd.
  • For beneficiaries whose birthdays fall between the 1st and 10th of the month, the Social Security benefit payment will be issued on Wednesday, May 8th.
  • If your birthday is between the 11th and 20th, the payment will be made on Wednesday, May 15th.
  • Lastly, for those with birthdays from the 21st to the end of the month, the payment date is Wednesday, May 22nd.
  • Additionally, there will be a second SSI payment for June issued on Friday, May 31st.
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Can I track my Social Security Payments Status for May 2024?

Yes, you can track the status of your Social Security payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a convenient online service called “my Social Security”. 

  • Once you have an account at, you can login and navigate to the “Your Benefit Applications” section.
  • There, you’ll find the “View Details” option under the “More Info” section, which will allow you to see the current status of your Social Security status. 
  • By creating a personal account on this platform, you can check the status of your application, estimate future benefits, manage the benefits you already receive, and much more.

Additionally, you can use the SSA’s automated phone assistance, available 24/7, by calling +1 800-772-1213. When prompted, say “application status” to check the status of your application. TTY +1 800-325-0778 is available for people who are hard of hearing or deaf.

How much average social security payments are distributed and how are they calculated?

The average Social Security payments distributed in 2024 vary depending on the type of benefits received. According to the latest available data, here’s a summary of the average monthly benefits for different types of Social Security recipients:

  • Retired workers received an average monthly benefit of $1,913.3.
  • Spouses of retired workers had an average benefit of $911.68 per month.
  • Children of retired workers were receiving $892.95 on average each month.
  • Survivor benefits, which include children of deceased workers, widowed mothers and fathers, and others, had an average monthly benefit ranging from $1,106.13 to $1,780.42.
  • Disabled workers received an average of $1,537.33 per month.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients had an average monthly payment of $699.22.

These figures represent the average amounts and can vary based on individual circumstances such as lifetime earnings, age at retirement, and other factors. 

The Social Security Administration uses a formula to calculate these benefits, which considers the highest 35 years of a worker’s indexed earnings and applies specific bend points to determine the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). 

The PIA is then adjusted based on the age at which the recipient starts receiving benefits. For a detailed personal estimate, individuals can use the online tools provided by the SSA or contact them directly for more personalised information. 

Why will there be an additional social security payment on 31st may 2024?

In May 2024, some Social Security recipients will receive an additional payment on May 31st. However, this extra payment is not truly extra money; it’s a quirk in the system that results in early payments for the following month.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) typically issues SSI payments on the first day of each month. On the other hand, the agency pays recipients early on the final working day of the previous month if that day occurs on a weekend or holiday.

This ensures that those dependent on SSI have the necessary funds by the start of the month. The second SSI payment is not an extra payment; it’s simply the next month’s payment arriving a few days early.

Your SSI payment for May 2024 will be available on May 1st. The second payment will hit your account on May 31st.However, this payment is actually for the month of June. As a result, the subsequent SSI payment after that won’t occur until July 1st.

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