OAS Increase 2024, Payment Date, Eligibility & How to apply online?

The government distributes the money during the final week of each month. On January 28, 2024, those eligible will get an increase in their OAS payment of CAD 68500. Maximum payment is from 86,912 to 90,997 $ in 2024. 

OAS Increase 2024

One of Canada’s primary retirement systems is Old Age Security. After turning 65 in 2023, a person who satisfies the residence conditions can start receiving OAS Payments.

The OAS, a well-liked senior retirement in Canada, will see a rise in its clawback maximum from 86,912 to 90,997 $ in 2024. 

Millions of Canadians will be able to access basic income through the OAS in addition to employer-provided retirement as well as their savings.

Scheme  Old Age Security (OAS)
OAS Benefit Offered by  Canada Revenue Agency(CRA)
Scheme Availability  Canada 
Old Age Security Increase 2024 CAD 68500
Official website Canada.ca

This raises the OAS Restitution limit from CAD 86912 to CAD 90997. The staff member’s earnings rate will be 11.9%, while the employer revenue percentage will be 5.95%.

For seniors 75 years of age and older, the Old Age Security payment was gradually enhanced by 10% in July 2022.

Eligibility of Old Age Security (OAS)

  • When you turn 65, you will be eligible to receive your OAS.
  • you have to be a citizen or legal resident of Canada 
  • You have to live there for ten years following the age of eighteen.
  • If you relocate to Canada within six months after quitting your employment or reach 65 while still employed, you may be eligible to deduct the time.
  • you were employed abroad as a habitation if you are a Canadian working for a Canadian company.

Advantages of the OAS Pension

Below is a list of advantages of the OAS Pension in 2024.

  • The recipient payouts are worth between CAD 66,600 and CAD 68500.
  • One may obtain financial stability with a pension plan, which helps with self-sufficiency.
  • A person’s pension is enhanced by the amount they receive when they turn 75.
  • The government adjusts the OAS payment figure every year to consider inflation.

OAS Increase 2024

OAS Payment Dates for 2024

By January 28, 2024, the OAS first Settlements for the year 2024 will be sent. The government allocates the money during the final week of each month. Previous patterns showed that beneficiaries received payments on the 27th of every month.

Date of Payment: 

  • 28 January 2024
  • 27 February 2024
  • 26 March 2024
  • 26 April 2024
  • 29 May 2024
  • 26 June 2024
  • 29 July 2024
  • 28 August 2024
  • 25 September 2024
  • 29 October 2024
  • 27 November 2024
  • 20 December 2024

How can I apply for Old Age Security 2024?

You can apply using the following procedures if you qualify for the OAS Supplement:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the main Old Age Security Fund of Canada portal.
  • Following that, you will see several program-related options on the main page. The OAS program is the one you must choose.
  • After that, you need to decide when you want your program to begin.
  • Complete the application by scrolling down.
  • A code will appear on your MSCA when you submit it.

You can submit an online application for the supplements by following the instructions provided. Anyone can call the helpdesk at 1 800 277 9914 with any questions they may have about the program.

How to apply for old age security (OAS) Through email?

In case you are unclear about how to complete the online application process, you have the option to send the application through mail.

The documentation that an applicant must submit is listed below:

  • Legal Remarks
  • Application for a Guaranteed Salary Supplement
  • Individual access credentials and T4s
  • Payment for the request for benefit packages for survivors

To apply via mail, follow these steps:

  1. You must download the application from the OAS’s main portal.
  2. Complete the form with the correct information requested.
  3. Please enclose the necessary paperwork, which is listed above. 
  4. Combine the form with the supporting documentation and mail it to the authorities.

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call at the number you entered when you submit your application.

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