IRS Amended Return Status: Step-by-step Guide to check online!

About three weeks after filing an amended return, you can monitor its status. The processing of your refund might take up to 20 weeks. Your amended return status for this tax year and up to three previous years may be found by visiting Where’s My Amended Return.

IRS Amended Return Status 

You must file an amended tax return with the IRS as a separate document if you need to make changes to your initial return, such as to correct an income mistake, credit, deduction, filing status, or other issue. You have three years from the date of your tax return filing to file an amended return. 

Therefore, you may easily correct any mistakes you make on a return provided you are upfront and honest with the IRS about them. You may use the Where’s My Amended Return for IRS portal link at You can check the status of your income tax return there if you filed Form 1040-X to make amendments. 

How to track the Status of the IRS Amendment Return? 

You need to follow the below given steps in order to check the IRS Amendment Return Status.

  • Navigate to and read all the guidelines for tracking your amendment return.
  • You may find an option like “Check your Amendment Return Status” , hit it.
  • You have to provide requested and required details in order to proceed further. 
  • Then hit continue to check the status of your amendment return. 

Which Information is required to Check the status of the IRS Amendment Return?

You’ll need to first verify your identification with a few basic details before you can receive a status update. When you call the IRS or use the Where’s My Amended Return feature, be ready with the following information:

  • Your individual tax ID number or Social Security number
  • Your birthdate
  • The ZIP code you have

You may use this information to search for any modified tax returns you filed up to the last three years. Additionally, keep in mind that the IRS’s online “Where’s My Refund” tool is not the same as the amended return lookup system.

IRS Amended Return Status

What is an Amendment Return and When an Individual needs to file it? 

The prior year’s yearly returns must be filed by taxpayers. The Internal Revenue Service provides an updated Form 1040-X so they can refile their taxes if they fill out their forms incorrectly or if their circumstances change. An Amendment return needs to be submitted by the taxpayer if:

  • The taxpayer’s tax year filing status was either recorded incorrectly or modified. 
  • The reported number of dependents is erroneous. If a taxpayer has to delete previously claimed dependents or claim additional dependents, an updated return will be required.
  • Either the wrong tax credits and deductions were claimed, or none were claimed at all.
  • For the tax year, that the income was reported inaccurate. 
  • The taxpayer becomes aware of the fact that they have unpaid taxes. They have the option to file an amended return with the IRS in order to avoid facing penalties from the government.

What type of status IRS Amendment Return Show?

The IRS will provide you with a brief status report when you’ve identified your return. The many findings you may get and their meanings are briefly summarized below. 

  • In case the IRS notifies you that it has received your return, it means that the agency has not finished reviewing it yet. Consequently, you might have to wait for processing to be finished for at least 20 weeks.
  • The term “adjusted” indicates that the IRS has examined your revised tax return and made the necessary adjustments to your account. According to the IRS, this adjustment may result in “a refund, balance due, or no tax change.” 
  • The agency’s examination of the files you supplied comes to a conclusion when your revised return is finalized. The IRS states, “You will get all the information associated with its execution by mail.” 

Why is it taking so long to complete my IRS Amended Return?

The procedure by which the IRS reviews your updated return may occasionally be slowed down by a problem with it. This might indicate a longer processing time. The IRS lists the following as a few potential causes of delays:

  • Your updated return is not signed, has errors, or is not complete.
  • It’s possible that the IRS returned your return back to you with a request for extra details. 
  • Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, is included with your updated return.
  • Regarding your updated return, there is a fraud or identity theft concern.

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