IRS Refund Status: Track whether your tax return is approved or not!

To check your IRS Refund Status for the 2023 tax year, visit the official IRS website and navigate to the “Where’s My Refund?” tool. Choose the tax year as 2023, enter your Social Security Number, select your filing status, and input the refund amount in US dollars.

IRS Refund Status

For those who filed electronically, refunds are typically issued within three weeks, while paper filers might need to wait up to six months. After submitting these details, you can track the status of your refund, with stages such as “Received” indicating verification, “Approved” signaling imminent release, and “Released” confirming the completion of the refund process.

Due date for file tax refunds for 2023 will 15 April 2023, which the window for e-Filing will be active on January 18, 2023, those who will e-fie for return had already received it through the direct deposit and mail, because after filing for refund electrically, 9 out of 10 are issued within three weeks, one who file for 2023 tax return on-Paper need to know that it take upto six months to proceed. One who has not yet received their return even after filing for it electronically can track its status and find out if his or her refund is approved by the Internal Revenue Service or not.

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After filing for 2023 tax return electronically or on-Paper, an individual has to wait upto 24 hours and four weeks, respectively, then he or she can check the status of filing for refund. For those who don’t know how he or she can track refund status, he or she can do so by going through the procedure below. It is requested of all tax return filers to be ready with valid login credentials, so that he or she can check it easily with the help of “Where My Refund?” toll or IRS2Go mobile application.

How to check the IRS Tax Return Status 2024?

To check the Tax Return Status for year 2022, an individual who filed for it electronically or on-Paper, he or she can go through the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Go to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, which is accessible at
  • Find an option of (Where’s My Refund?) under the section of Tools & Applications, hit on it.
  • Look for an option that reads Check Your Refund, and click on it to get redirected to another page.
  • At the end, you have to do following activities, where are:
    • Choose tax year as 2023
    • Enter taxpayer’s Social Security Number
    • Opt filing status as Single, Married-Filing Joint Return, Married-Filing Separate Return, Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er)
    • Enter refund amount in US dollar
  • Once you have successfully provided all the details correctly you have to hit the Submit button to check the refund status.

By checking the IRS Tax Return Status, you find that your refund is received, approved and released, then you should check details to know their meaning.

IRS Refund Status

What are the meanings of different stages of IRS Refund Status?

You may find your IRS Refund status as  received, approved and released, read out the listed points and learn all about it.

  • Received – One who files a tax return electronically or on-Paper and its application is received by the Internal Revenue Service, that means it is yet to be verified for approval.
  • Approved – Post check the IRS Tax Return status, if you find out that it is approved by the Internal Revenue Service, that means your refund is likely to be released within a week.
  • Released – If your tax refund status is showing as Released, that means you already have received it through the direct deposit or check. 

What if the tax return is not yet approved by the IRS?

If one’s tax return is not yet approved by the Internal Revenue Service, then he or she has to contact support team, because after rejection it is mandatory for an individual to know the exact reason, once you have assured about it that what mistake(s) were/was made at the time of filing refund, you have to e-File it again by providing all details correctly and then your tax return will be received within three weeks.

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