Where’s My State Tax Refund? Return Status and Delay Reason!

Anticipating the arrival date of your state reimbursement is not always simple. Numerous states have implemented supplementary security measures to ensure that Where’s My State Tax Refund? is the intended recipient in light of the rise in identity tax refund fraud. 

Where’s My State Tax Refund?

When your state return will come is not always simple to anticipate. To ensure that Where’s My State Tax Refund? is sent to the correct person, several states have adopted extra security measures in response to the rise in phishing for identities and tax refund fraud.  

These extra steps might in some cases lengthen the time it takes to process refunds. You may monitor the status of any anticipated state or federal tax refunds.

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How to Check The Status Of Your State Refund?

Follow these procedures to see the status of your state refund online:

  • Visit the Tax Refund portal of your State.
  • Put your SSN in here.
  • Choose your file status from the list of options.
  • Put your zip code here.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the tax year.
  • Select “Check Status.”

Where's My State Tax Refund?

How Long will it take to get your refund?

You’ll get your money back quicker if you submit your return online and request that your refund be deposited straight into your savings or checking account. 

You have more time if you submit a paper return. As we continue to take steps to stop fraud and identity theft, generally speaking, you can anticipate that your refund will take longer than in recent years. 

To find out how your refund for the current year is progressing, utilize our refund inquiry form. Processing timelines for general refunds throughout filing season, if you file after February 5:

  • Electronically filed Returns: Up to 4 weeks
  • Paper filed Returns: Up to 8 weeks
  • Returns sent by certified Mail: Allow an additional 3 weeks 

You should get your refund by March 5 if you filed electronically before February 5. Processing timeframes will vary depending on certain elements. Check Out What Might Be Delaying Your Refund. for further details.   

Where your return is in the processing is shown by the Where’s my return application. The application will indicate when your refund was delivered after we’ve completed processing your return. 

Check your federal tax refund status

To check your return online, use the IRS Where’s My Return tool or the IRS2Go mobile app. Tracking your return is made quickest and simplest using this method. One update is performed on the systems every twenty-four hours.

Get ready for this before you check on the status of your refund:

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) Or Social Security Number
  • Filing Status
  • The total amount of your return in dollars 

To inquire about the progress of your refund, get in touch with the IRS. When you call to speak with a representative, you may have to wait a while. 

If you want to avoid waiting, however, you may utilize the automated phone system. While making a phone call, be sure to follow the on-screen prompts.

Common Reasons for State Tax Refund Delays

Your state tax refund may take longer than expected due to several reasons. Understanding these common issues can help manage expectations and address potential roadblocks:

  • Incomplete or Inaccurate Information: Incorrect details on your tax return, such as a mismatch between reported income and official records, can trigger delays. Double-check all information before filing to minimize errors. Your refund may include mathematical mistakes or other changes.
  • Identity Verification: As a security measure, some states may conduct identity verification checks, especially if there are discrepancies or concerns about potential fraud. Respond promptly to any requests for additional information to expedite the process. The completion of your return requires the use of more than one kind of form.
  • High Volume of Refund Requests: During peak tax season, tax authorities may experience a surge in refund requests, leading to processing delays. Be patient and allow extra time for the state to handle the increased workload. There was either a lack of information or an incomplete return from you.
  • Paper Filing: If you opted for the traditional paper filing method, be aware that it generally takes longer to process compared to electronic filing. E-filing is recommended for a faster and more efficient refund process. Some refunds can be delayed due to protection against fraud and errors.

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