PSNI Data Breach: Impact, Technological Advancements & Reactions

A major PSNI Data Breach came into existence on 8 August 2023 at 14:30pm. PSNI apologize on this but crucial data including rank, grade, contact information got revealed which can cause serious issues later. Get complete insight on PSNI Data breach here. PSNI Data Breach PSNI Data Breach refers to a data breach that occurred … Read more

Send HD Photos on WhatsApp: Now users can send images in good quality!

Sending HD photos on WhatsApp is a seamless way to share images with unparalleled clarity and detail. With the HD photo feature, users can transmit high-resolution images that capture every intricate nuance and vibrant color. This capability is invaluable for conveying the essence of memories, special occasions, artistic creations, and professional visuals. By preserving these … Read more

Meta Quest 3 Release Date, Price, Specification, Design

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has formally announced the release of the $499 Meta Quest 3, which will go on sale at Meta Connect stores on September 27.The new headset will include a new Snapdragon CPU for sustaining its virtual reality & mixed reality experiences, as well as a revamped design compared to its predecessor.For the … Read more

Apple Lawsuit Claim Form 2023: All about it is inside the article!

The Apple Lawsuit Claim Form 2023 is a pivotal document that enables affected individuals to seek compensation and redress for their grievances against the company. Designed to address specific issues faced by iPhone users, this claim form is a structured template through which claimants can detail their experiences, concerns, and eligibility for compensation.  Apple Lawsuit … Read more

iOS 17 Update: Release Date, New Features & Compatible Devices

iOS 17 Update is highly speculated to be released in September 2023 for compatible devices, in the upcoming software update iPhone and iPads users are going to find some new features for Messages, FaceTime, and widgets. Beta version for iOS 17 Update is already released in June 2023. Stay tuned to learn all about the … Read more