Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024 – Eligibility, Amount, Validity, How to claim?

In Singapore, the Community Development Council (CDC) Voucher Scheme plays a crucial role in supporting households with their daily expenses. As part of Budget 2024, the government will distribute S$300 to each Singaporean household.

Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024

The Singaporean government has announced an additional allocation of S$600 in Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers for all Singaporean households as part of the enhanced Assurance Package in Budget 2024.

This allocation will be disbursed in two tranches of S$300 each, with the first tranche scheduled for the end of June 2024 and the second tranche in January 2025. All Singaporean households are eligible for the CDC vouchers, with no specific income or property ownership criteria mentioned.

The CDC vouchers are valid until December 31, 2024. They can be used at participating heartland merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets, with half of the vouchers allocated for use at supermarkets and half at heartland merchants and hawkers.

Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The June 2024 disbursement of CDC Vouchers is designed to be inclusive and benefit all Singaporean households. The eligibility criteria is:
Your household must be a Singaporean household. This means at least one member of your residing family must be a Singapore Citizen.
There is no application required for the June 2024 CDC Vouchers. As long as you meet the residency criteria, you will be automatically included in the program.
The term “household” is not explicitly defined for the CDC Voucher program. However, it is generally understood to refer to a group of people who live together and share living expenses.
There is no income threshold or requirement to receive the June 2024 CDC Vouchers. All Singaporean households qualify regardless of income level.
The citizenship status of other household members beyond at least one Singaporean Citizen does not affect eligibility.
In summary, as long as you have at least one Singapore Citizen residing in your household, you are automatically eligible to receive the June 2024 CDC Vouchers.

Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024 Amount

The June 2024 disbursement of CDC Vouchers is part of a larger program designed to support Singaporean households. The amount breakdown is:

June 2024 Disbursement: Each Singaporean household will receive S$300 in June 2024.
Multi-Part Program: It’s crucial to remember that the June 2024 disbursement is just the first part of the program.
In January 2024, households received an initial S$500 in CDC Vouchers.
A second tranche of S$300 is planned for January 2025.
Breakdown of Total Amount: Considering all parts of the program, Singaporean households will receive a total of:
S$800 in CDC Vouchers for 2024 (combining the January and June 2024 disbursements).
S$1100 in CDC Vouchers over two years (2024 and 2025).
The S$300 disbursed in June is an additional top-up to the initial S$500 received in January 2024. These are not separate programs, but rather instalments within the same CDC Vouchers Scheme for 2024.

Claiming Your Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024

To claim CDC Voucher June 2024, follow the below steps:

You’ll need your Singpass login details to claim your vouchers online. Ensure you have your Singpass ID and password readily available.
Once the claiming period opens, head to the official website for the CDC Vouchers program at
Look for a section titled “Claim your CDC Vouchers 2024” or similar wording.
Click on the “Claim Now” button or a similar option to begin the claiming process.
You’ll be directed to a secure Singpass login page. Enter your Singpass ID and password to proceed.
Upon successful login, the system will confirm your eligibility and the voucher amount.
You’ll likely receive the vouchers electronically via SMS to your registered mobile number.

Singapore CDC Voucher June 2024 Validity and Usage

The June 2024 CDC Vouchers are designed to provide flexibility and support for your daily needs. Here’s a breakdown of their validity and usage guidelines:

The S$300 CDC Vouchers disbursed in June 2024 will be valid until December 31, 2024.

The vouchers are meant to be used for everyday purchases at participating merchants. Here are the places, where you can use them:
Heartland Merchants and Hawkers: Look for stores displaying the CDC Voucher acceptance logo.
Supermarkets: Participating supermarkets will also accept CDC Vouchers for eligible purchases.
The vouchers cannot be used for specific excluded items, such as cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, or online purchases.A full list of exclusions might be provided on the official website.
You cannot exchange the vouchers for cash or use them for bill payments.
The vouchers are meant to be used for their full amount in a single transaction. No partial redemption is possible.
If your purchase amount is less than the voucher value, you forfeit the remaining balance.

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