SASSA Appeal Status 2024 – Social Relief of Distress

Users of SASSA may verify the authorized SASSA Appeal Status 2024 online. To check the progress of your grant application, all you need is your ID number and phone number.

SASSA Appeal Status 2024

There were over nine million applications for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, according to the South African Social Security Agency. Not everyone who applied for an SRD grant was granted funding, even though many of them were.

Check out to find out about the SASSA Appeal Status 2024 grant. Input the phone number you used to apply and your South African ID. 

To see the approval status and payment dates, click “Check Status.” As an alternative, check-in SASSA offices, over the phone, over SMS, or through the Moya app.

How to check the SASSA Appeal Status 2024?

Through the SASSA SRD website, you may check your status in the fastest and easiest manner possible. Simply adhere to these few steps:

  • Go to to check the status of your SASSA appeal.
  • Put in the number associated with your SA ID.
  • Put in the mobile number you registered.
  • Select “Send OTP.”
  • Get the OTP that was sent to your mobile device.
  • On the webpage, enter the OTP.
  • The status of your appeal will appear on the screen.
  • Pending: We’re currently processing and reviewing your appeal. Keep up the routine observation.
  • Approved: Your appeal was granted; payment will be sent as soon as your bank information is provided.
  • Declined: Regretfully, your appeal was turned down. Think about reapplying with more vigor.
  • Additional Information Needed: Before the appeal’s verdict is finalized, we need further documentation or explanation from you.

How long does the Appeal for SASSA Take?

  • Appeal Processing Time: The SASSA may need up to ninety days to consider your appeal and make a decision.
  • Timely Submission: Within 30 days of receiving the news of the denial, submit your appeal.

SASSA Grant Eligibility Criteria 2024

The guidelines that each application must follow to get SASSA AID approval are listed below.

  • Only citizens of South Africa, those seeking asylum, holders of special permits, and refugees are eligible for this award.
  • There shouldn’t be any extra financial support coming your way.
  • The age range is eighteen to sixty.
  • not been awarded any NSFAS-style social funds.
  • not be receiving benefits from unemployment insurance.
  • Not a UIF payment application.
  • The state of finances must be considered impoverished.
  • You need to have a spotless past.
  • Must have a Monthly income of less than R624.
  • Has must be jobless and not have several sources of income.
  • must be free of any criminal history.
  • Rejecting a job offer won’t make you jobless.
  • One should not reside in a government-funded flat.

Why might Your Appeal Be Still Pending or Declined?

Although receiving a refusal for a SASSA SRD grant might be upsetting, knowing the typical causes will help you plan a workable appeal. The following are some common Obstacles and Solutions:

Income Exceeding Threshold

  • Reason- Grants from SASSA are intended for low-income individuals. One typical cause for rejection is exceeding the income criteria.
  • Counter- Send current pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns that demonstrate income received from sources other than your house. If relevant, describe any brief surges.

Incorrect Application Information

  • Reason- Errors or discrepancies in your application specifically may cause concerns.
  • Counter-  Verify the correctness of both your appeal statement and application twice. Give supporting documentation, such as identification, proof of address, and contact details.

Not Meeting Eligibility Criteria

  • Reason- SASSA has certain qualifying conditions, including age, domicile, and citizenship. Denial results from not meeting these requirements.
  • Counter- Examine the qualifying requirements carefully. If you think you fit all the conditions, be sure to include them in your appeal and include any pertinent paperwork.

Duplicate Applications

  • Reason- Multiple application submissions may result in denials because of suspicions of fraud.
  • Counter- Emphasize your one valid claim and explain any inadvertent duplicate applications. They simply take into consideration legitimate requests.

Missing Information or Documentation

  • Reason- Applications that are not comprehensive cause for worry and may be rejected.
  • Counter- Get all the required documentation, such as identification, proof of address, financial records, and evidence of income. Add them to your clarification request.

Technical Issues

  • Reason- Unfair rejections may result from errors in the SASSA system or from online application errors.
  • Counter- Make direct contact with SASSA and report the technical problem. You may also seek proof that your online application was received, or you can submit a paper appeal form as a backup.

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