Pay IRS Taxes Online: Know all about paying tax through

Taxpayers can Pay IRS Taxes Online using various online payment methods on Taxpayers have to visit the official website and they can utilize available online methods including credit/debit card, direct pay, bank account etc.

Pay IRS Taxes Online

The IRS allows its taxpayers to pay the amount online using different available options. Taxpayers can pay full or partial amounts using direct pay, pay now, bank account, wallet, credit or debit card. They can pay their taxes from the given options on the official website of We are discussing the methods to Pay IRS Taxes Online here. Taxpayers have sufficient tax paying options for paying their taxes online.

IRS Taxes Online Payment Modes

EFW, or electronic funds withdrawal, is a term that will be known to taxpayers who utilize guided tax preparation software or Free File. When submitting your return, you can use this payment option, which is typically included with software, to transmit a payment straight from your bank account.

Payment IRS Online Payment
Organization Internal Revenue System
Country United States 
Payment Mode  Digital Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Direct Pay

The IRS advises avoiding mail-in tax payments in favor of online options like Direct Pay, EFTPS, or a credit/debit card if you’re trying to handle your tax obligation in a different way. There are still a few other payment choices, such as same-day wire and cash.

Pay IRS Taxes Online

IRS Direct Pay

One of the easiest and least expensive methods for paying a tax payment is IRS Direct Pay. You can submit a payment straight from either your checking or savings bank account by using the free option available through the IRS Direct Pay website. A payment may also be changed or canceled up to two business days before it is expected to be processed.

To utilize the service, you do not need to register with the organization, but you must first prove your identification. In order to verify that you are who you say you are, the Direct Pay website will ask for your address, Social Security number, date of birth, and filing status.

IRS Payment using Bank Account or Wallet

IRS online payment can be done using bank account transfers or using a payment wallet. Taxpayers must verify that payment through a digital wallet will work for them or not. They can check it on the official website of

IRS Online Payment through Efficient Funds Withdrawal

This epay capability is often made available straight through the e-filing program if you file your federal taxes using IRS Free File or another tax preparation application. You must enter your financial information to approve a direct debit withdrawal in order to make a payment. If a human tax preparer e-files your return on your behalf, you can also ask them to send your payment via EFW.

IRS Online Payment using Credit or Debit Card

The same steps apply when paying taxes using a credit card as when using a debit card. Your credit card payment will be subject to a cost in the form of a percentage, as opposed to a flat processing fee, so the more you owe, the greater your fee will be. In its comparison table of payment processor costs, the IRS breaks down the types of expenses you might anticipate for each sort of payment.

Visit the website of one of the three independent payment processors used by the IRS to make a credit card payment, then enter the payment amount, your card details, and any other necessary information. The payment is sent to the IRS by the processor.

IRS Online Payment Processor

You must use one of the IRS’s three separate payment processors, PayUSAtax, Pay 1040, or ACI Payments, in order to pay your taxes with a debit card or digital wallet. Upon selecting a processor, you may make a payment over the phone or online. A processing charge of roughly $2 and change is associated with this option. Visit the website, enter the payment amount, your card details, and other information, and submit the payment. The money is sent to the IRS by the processor.

IRS Online Payment through using Wire Transfer

A wire transfer uses a bank or a nonbank supplier to electronically transfer money from one person to another. A same-day transmission of an IRS payment could be supported by some banking institutions. For each IRS payment you need to make, you must create a duplicate of the agency’s Same-Day Taxpayer Worksheet.  After filling it out, visit your financial institution to schedule the payment.

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