PA Rent Rebate Payout Date – Who will get paid and when?

The Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate program provides rebate amounts ranging between $380-$1000 and supplements between $190-$500. This rebate payments via check delivered on June 30 and payment by direct deposit will start on 1 July 2024.

PA Rent Rebate Payout Date

The Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate program provides financial assistance to eligible Pennsylvanians who are either homeowners or renters. The rebates are based on annual income and property taxes or rent paid during the prior year. You must apply for the rebate every year. The deadline for the 2024 program is June 30, 2024.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you should submit your application before this date to ensure timely processing. Commencing July 1, 2024, rebates will be given out in accordance with the legislation. Once your application is approved, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your rebate to be mailed or directly deposited.

What is PA Rent Rebate and how much does it pay? 

Eligible Pennsylvanians 65 years of age and older, widows and widowers 50 years of age and older, and those with disabilities 18 years of age and older are all beneficiaries of the PA Rent rebate program. 

This program offers qualifying elderly individuals and those with disabilities payment ranging from $380 to $1,000. The Pennsylvania Lottery and gaming revenues support this initiative. Your income will determine how much money you receive. Certain candidates could also be eligible for further payout.

Income Cap Rebate Amount 
$0 – $8,000 $1,000
$8,001 – $15,000 $770
$15,001 – $18,000 $460
$18,001 – $45,000 $380

The most in need candidates receive an extra $190 to $500 in aid through supplemental rebates. When a property owner’s property taxes exceed 15% of their total income and they reside in one of the following places, these refunds are automatically computed for people with incomes of $30,000 or less: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh.

Income Cap Standard Rebate  Supplement Amount  Total Max Rebate 
$0 – $8,000 $1,000 $500 $1,500
$8,001 – $15,000 $770 $385 $1,155
$15,001 – $18,000 $460 $230 $690
$18,001 – $45,000 $380 $190 $570

How can I get PA Rent Rebate Payout?

Let’s walk through the step-by-step process for applying for the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate:

  • Make sure you fulfil the qualifying requirements before you start.
  • Collect all the required documents, including proof of income, rent or property tax payments, and your Social Security number.
  • Visit the PA Department of Revenue’s website at
  • By selecting your application method go with offline or online form.
  • Select “Rent Rebate Program/Property Tax” from the “Personal Income Tax” menu.
  • Follow the prompts to enter your information and upload the necessary documents.
  • The department accepts income proof from federal or state tax returns, forms, or other necessary documents. If the Social Security address provided is a PA address, proof of retirement and Supplemental Security benefits is not required.
  • Then submit your form electronically or by mail.
  • If you provided a valid phone number on your application, you’ll receive an automated call when your application is approved or not.
  • After submission, you can track your rebate status online via the myPATH homepage or call 1-888-PA TAXES (728-2937).

Who is entitled to get PA Rent Rebate Payout?

The Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate program benefits eligible individuals who meet specific criteria. Here’s who qualifies:

Age Criteria:

  • Individuals aged 65 and older.
  • Widows and widowers aged 50 and older.
  • People with disabilities aged 18 and older.

Income Criteria:

  • For homeowners, the total eligible annual household income (including spouse’s income) must be $45,000 or less.
  • For renters, the same income limit applies: $45,000 or less13.
  • Note that half of Social Security income is excluded when calculating eligibility.


  • Rebates must be applied for every year based on annual income and property taxes or rent paid during the prior year.

What type of benefits PA Rent Rebate Payout provides?

The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program aims to improve the quality of life for eligible Pennsylvanians. Let’s explore the benefits of the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate Payout:

Financial Relief:

  • The rebate provides financial assistance to eligible individuals, helping them offset the burden of property taxes or rent payments. It can significantly reduce housing costs for seniors, widows, widowers, and people with disabilities.

Income Support:

  • For those on fixed incomes, such as retirees, the rebate ensures stability by supplementing their financial resources. It helps maintain a decent standard of living despite rising expenses.

Health and Well-Being:

  • Lower housing costs contribute to overall well-being, reducing stress and allowing recipients to allocate funds for other necessities like healthcare and groceries.

Community Stability:

  • By supporting older adults and disabled individuals, the program fosters community stability and prevents displacement due to financial constraints.

Timely Distribution:

  • Rebates are distributed beginning July 1, providing timely relief during the summer months when utility bills and other expenses tend to rise.

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