National Girlfriend Day 2023: What is it? Significance, Wishes & Images

In the United States, National Girlfriend Day 2023 will be observed on August 01, likely every year. It is celebrated to strengthen the bond between a woman and women, this is not an event for boyfriend. There is no concrete information about what created it, but in some documents it is found that Mistress Susan, an owner of a luxury website, created this day in 2004. 

National Girlfriend Day 2023

Friendship among women or girls is considered sisterhood, and National Girlfriend Day is an event to celebrate with sister or sister-like friends, because there is a huge importance of having a sister or sister-like friend in life. To celebrate this day there is no special costume or any tradition, one can celebrate this day in a unique way i.e. in her style and mark it as a memorable event of the year. 

Day  Nation Girlfriend Day 
Country  United States 
Date  01 August 2023
Why is it cleared? To strengthen the bond between sister-like friends

What is National Girlfriend Day?

Many people get confused about National Girlfriend Day, some consider this day for couples i.e. a girl and a boy, but as per various reliable sources, it is mentioned that Susan created this day to strengthen the bond between a girl and girl as sisterhood bonding. We all know that how it is important to having a sister-like to a girls, because they help them to overcome from many critical situations of life, to celebrate this day you hug you sister-like friends and thank her to be in your life.

National Girlfriend Day Images

National Girlfriend Day wishes

National Girl friend Day

National Girlfriend Day photos

National Girlfriend Day

What is the significance of National Girlfriend Day?

National Girlfriend Day is of great importance among women, all the friends talk together to make better plans to spend their future life, friends make each other realise the importance of having her in their lives. Like every year, National girlfriend day will be celebrated on 1st August 2023 in all the states of the USA, although there is no special ritual or costume to celebrate this day, but still people gather and celebrate it with great joy and gaiety so that they remember it as a memorable day in the coming life.

Although National Girlfriend Day is only for girls, many couples also celebrate it. If a boyfriend wants to make his girlfriend feel better on occasion, he can.

Below we have shared wishes, quotes and images for this occasion, which a girl can send to her sister-like friend and wish her a very Happy National Girl Day 2023.

National Girlfriend Day Wishes 2023

To wish the beautiful occasion of National Girlfriend Day to a sister-like friend, you send the wishes quotes and wishes listed below.

➤ Dear friend, you are like a sister in my life who has helped me to overcome every difficult situation in life.  I am wishing you Happy Girlfriend Day from the bottom of my heart. 

➤ Today is National Girlfriend Day, and you are my only best friend. You have always fulfilled the duty of being a good friend and stood by me at every stage of life. I love you my bestie!

➤ Many people came into my life, but you are the only person who never left me in any situation and always helped me to move forward.  On the occasion of National Girlfriend Day, I pray that God will give you everything so that your life becomes very beautiful.

➤ Dear friend, I cannot tell you what you are to me. I consider you like my real sister because you have always protected me like her and taught me a lot. I want to hug you and give you lots of blessings on the occasion of this girlfriend’s day.

➤ It is very important to have a friend in life, if one has a friend like you, who takes care just like a sister then this feeling becomes even better. You are such a person in my life, listening your words that put a smile on my face, I am sending many wishes for National Girlfriend Day to my sister-like friend.

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