Mississippi tax-free weekend 2024 Date, Guidelines and Eligible Items 

The sales tax holiday is around the corner, and Mississippi residents must be ready to save big on the upcoming sales tax holiday beginning on 12 July 2024. The Mississippi residents waiting for the annual back-to-school sales tax holiday can read the article to learn about eligibility items and guidelines.

Mississippi tax-free weekend 2024

In April 2024, Mississippi State extended the tax-free weekend and moved the dates early for the welfare of people. The Sales tax holiday or tax-free weekend saves a lot of money on certain goods and items for a temporary period as the sales taxes are exempted during the period.

Many states of the US implement the back-to-school sales tax holiday to help people buy the accessories, clothes, and other items needed for schools at affordable prices without paying any sales tax. 

This year, the State of Mississippi has moved the dates for the sales tax holiday two weeks earlier and extended the duration of the tax-free weekend. The Senate says the schools will begin earlier, hence the State has modified the calendar, where the tax-free weekend will begin from 12 July 2024 to 14 July 2024. 

Generally, the State of Mississippi provides a tax-free weekend on the last Friday of July every year, and ends at midnight the following Saturday, giving more than 24 hours to the residents to shop the item without sales tax. 

Eligible Item for the Mississippi tax-free weekend 2024

The resident should check the eligible and non-eligible items for the sales tax holiday to save their money. According to the State of Mississippi official guide for the 2024 Sales tax holiday, the following items are eligible for the tax-free weekend:

  • The eligible items consist of clothing, footwear, accessories, and school supplies, whose sales price is less than $100 per article. 
  • The tax-free weekend does not apply to items above $100 in sales price and the items that do not fit into the definitions of clothing, footwear, school supplies, and accessories.

Mississippi residents can check the list of eligible and non-taxable footwear, clothing, school supplies, and accessories on Mississippi’s official guide for State Tax Holiday 2024. 

Mississippi Tax-free Weekend 2024 Guidelines

The State of Mississippi has released some guidelines for the State Tax Holiday that every resident should check out and understand to take advantage of the tax-free weekend:

  •  $100 sales price limit: Mississippi residents should understand the $100 sales price threshold for the tax-free weekend. The $100 threshold applies to items with a sales price of less than $100, no matter if you buy the items together at the same time. For instance, if you purchase two items with a price under $100, you will not pay any sales tax even when the combined bill of the item exceeds $100. 
  • Rentals: Under the sales tax holiday rules, the rentals of footwear and clothing do not qualify for the tax-free weekend and the sales tax is due on such items. 
  • Items sold as Units: According to the sales tax holiday guidelines, the items sold as a unit cannot be priced separately and qualify for the tax holiday with less than $100 sales price.
  • Coupons and Discounts: Many retailers may use discounts and coupons to lower the price of the item to qualify for the tax-free weekend, which does not reduce the sales price of the item, so do not think you can buy the time with discount and coupon to fulfill the $100 threshold.
  • Non Eligible items (N) and Eligible (E) items pairing: When the (N) and (E) items are paired together as a single unit, the sales tax is applicable when the sales price of the (N) items is greater than the (E) item price. In that case, the single unit will be subject to a 7% sales tax. 
  • Buy one get one free offer: The buy one Get One offer reduces the price of the items and does not qualify for the tax-free weekend as the sales tax depends on the actual price of each item. However, if the sales price of each item is lower than the $100 threshold, the sales tax holiday applies to the item. 
  • Online items: The eligible items purchased or placed an order via the internet, phone, or mail are not subject to the sales tax holiday. 
  • Rain-check purchase: The rain-checked eligible items qualify for the tax-free weekend only when the buyers redeem the rain-check item during the tax-free weekend.

What happens if you exchange and refund the purchased items after the tax-free weekend?

If you purchased eligible items during a tax-free weekend and returned them after the holiday, you may be due for the sales tax or not in the following situations:

  • When you buy the items, return the item after the tax holiday, and purchase the new item from the received credit, you may be due the sales tax on the new item. 
  • When you return the eligible items purchased during the holiday to a different color or size, you will not pay the sales tax on the exchange for the item even after the holiday.
  • If you purchased and exchanged or returned the item during the tax holiday and bought a new eligible item, sales tax does not apply to your purchase. 

Tips to save big on the upcoming Mississippi tax-free Weekend 2024

The sales tax holiday or tax-free weekend provides a brilliant opportunity for Mississippi residents to save their pockets and get the necessary items at an affordable price. So, we have  curated some tips for you guys to make the best out of the tax-free weekend:

  • You should make a list of items you need to shop and see which items come under the eligible items and non-eligible items to set your priority for the eligible items during the sale holiday.
  • While shopping you must keep an eye on the sales price of the items you buy to avoid paying the sales taxes and ensure that each item fulfills the $100 threshold. 
  • You should shop around ahead for a bit to know the shops and stores where you can find the best eligible items and find the best deals on the stores to save money.

The Mississippi residents can enjoy the extended tax-free weekend from 12 July 2024 to 14 July 2024 (midnight) and save their money on necessary eligible items. 

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