Meta Quest 3 Release Date, Price, Specification, Design

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has formally announced the release of the $499 Meta Quest 3, which will go on sale at Meta Connect stores on September 27.The new headset will include a new Snapdragon CPU for sustaining its virtual reality & mixed reality experiences, as well as a revamped design compared to its predecessor.For the pleasure, you will need to pay $200 or more with the Meta Quest 2, so if you’d like to save some money while still experiencing VR, go with the latter.

Meta Quest 3 Release Date

The lengthy wait is now over. On September 27, Meta Quest 3 is scheduled for release. The Meta Quest 3 is scheduled to be published this autumn, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, who also mentioned that further information would be shared during the Meta Connect event on September 27. Yes, set your calendars and get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

The Quest 3 will have to present on September 27 for Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address at Meta Connect, Meta has subsequently formally stated. It is thought that this will function as the new Quest headset’s formal debut, and that a date for official pre-orders will be revealed at that time.

Unexpectedly, the Meta Quest gaming platform, which also contains the Quest 3, might be extending to China. Due to the potential for theft of intellectual property and legal issues, Meta and Tencent are allegedly in negotiations to provide Quest headsets to the Chinese market.

Meta Quest 3 Price

The Meta Quest 3 will have a starting price of $499, which is $100 more expensive than the Quest 2’s $399/£399 MSRP. The Quest 2 originally had a $299/£299 price tag, however Meta has recently increased it. Hopefully, Quest 3 won’t experience the same problem.

The UK doesn’t have a set official rate or Australia, but you can anticipate it to be approximately £499 and perhaps between AU$ 629 to $700 for Australia. Expect affordable prices in Australia, given that the 256GB Quest 2’s price was slashed there from AU$789 to AU$719, which is interesting. 

Meta Quest 3 Release Date

Meta Quest 3 Specs

There are several key conclusions from Zuckerberg’s unveiling the Meta Quest 3 on Instagram, even if he didn’t go into great detail about the headset’s specifications. 

The standard storage choice for the Quest 3 will be 128GB, with “an additional storage option available to those who want more space.” Uncertainty surrounds what it will be as well as how much it would cost, but we wouldn’t be shocked if we saw a 256GB, even 512GB variant.

The inclusion of a future Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the second substantial update that has received official approval. Although the specifics of the chip are unknown, we may anticipate that it will be tailored to Quest 3. However, it is certain that the Quest 3 will feature double the graphics efficiency, so you can anticipate VR experiences and games with better-looking images. 

Meta Quest 3 Design

According to Meta, the Meta Quest 3 received a thorough “inside out” overhaul. Although the headset’s overall design is similar to that of the Quest 2, it is 40% thinner today, in part because of pancake lenses. It also appears to be employing a more elastic material for its head strap and has a striking trio of pill-shaped sensors and cameras on the outside of the headset.

In comparison to the Quest 2, there is what looks to be an extra button along the bottom of this headset, which is probably an adjustment wheel to adjust IPD. Additionally, it appears like the face shield has been modified and might now better block off any outside light. 

How Would You Play?

Meta Quest 3 is really simple to play! To play the game, you’ll need a specialized gadget called a “gaming system” or a “computer.” Consult your guardians or parents about these gadgets. Once you’ve obtained one, all you have to do is insert the game’s disc or get the file online. To start your epic quest after designing the protagonist, follow the instructions on the screen.

Advice for a Fantastic Adventure

Here are some suggestions to make ensure you have the greatest time possible as you are ready to start Meta Quest 3:

Explore Everywhere: Do not be hesitant to delve far into the virtual world. You never anticipate the wonderful surprises or buried riches you could uncover!

Teamwork Wins: You can come across characters in Meta Quest 3 that want your assistance. Just as in real life, helping  out and cooperating can result in wonderful  benefits.

Take Breaks: Despite the fact that Meta Quest 3 is a lot of fun, it’s necessary to take pauses and get some exercise. When you return, your virtual experience will be ready for you!

Preparing for Meta Quest 3

You need to get ready for your amazing adventure as Meta Quest 3’s release date approaches. You can take the following actions to be prepared:

Check Your Device: Ensure that your PC or game console is ready to use. Ask your guardians to check that everything is operating as it should be.

Clear Some Space: To enjoy Meta Quest 3 comfortably, you’ll need some room. Create a distraction-free area in which you are able to relax and play.

Gather Supplies: It’s an excellent choice to have some food and drink around, just like a true adventurer. You wouldn’t wish to have to stop playing in the midst of a thrilling journey!

Invite Friends: Play online multiplayer games with friends using Meta Quest 3. Ask your friends whether they are enjoying the game as well. Together, you may explore the virtual worlds.

Get ready because Meta Quest 3 is soon coming! You are eager to discover stunning locations, face formidable obstacles, and meet new acquaintances. Don’t forget to get your gaming gadget ready, locate a comfortable place to play, and perhaps even call a buddy over to join in the fun. Remember that as you play, you are also growing and learning in a number of ways. Prepare for the release dates and get set for Meta Quest 3’s incredible voyage!

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