Is the $12000 stimulus check 2024 real? All you need to know about it!

If you have heard that the IRS is offering $12000 stimulus checks to eligible US citizens and want to confirm whether it is real or not, then you are at the right place. The article covers everything you wish to know about this rumor of a $12000 stimulus check.

Is the $12000 Stimulus Check 2024 Real?

Some reports claim that the federal government has issued a stimulus payment to support low-income families amidst the rising cost of living, which led to many people wondering whether it is real or just some fake news. 

So, let’s clear this fact for you, according to our research, the IRS has not announced any such payments. The agency has not mentioned any such payments for US citizens in their recent notifications. 

However, reports claim that the IRS can issue such payments soon due to rising inflation as people struggle to make ends meet as they issued the stimulus checks in 2020. 

Last time, the government made such payments in 2020 to help US citizens overcome the economic impact of the pandemic. The government issued three rounds of payment checks to people whose income has been cut or unpaid during the pandemic. 

The US people received $12000 worth of stimulus checks per tax return in March 2020 with additional payments for dependants under 17. 

Though the IRS has done it before, we should wait till the agency or US government officially releases any notice regarding such economic impact payment. 

Expected eligibility for the $12000 Stimulus check 2024

If the rumors got true and the agency really issued such a stimulus check worth $12000, the people would qualify to receive payment based on the following expected criteria:

  • The recipients who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), California EITC, and child tax credits qualify for the $12000 stimulus check.
  • US families with low and moderate incomes can receive such payments. 
  • Seeing the past, retirees and social security recipients can also qualify for the payments. 

The exact adjusted gross income for individuals and joint fillers can only be disclosed when the IRS issues such payments in the future. 

When can you expect the payment in your accounts?

Generally, the IRS takes 21 days to process the tax refunds from the date of taxpayers filing the tax returns electronically. The payment dates can be extended as well to 90 days in the case of mail checks. 

So, if the IRS issues such financial aid for the US people they would expect to process the payment as soon as possible to provide much-needed relief from the increasing cost of living. 

We expect the IRS will process the payments within three weeks of the announcement if they make such a scheme. The payment can be processed fully or it can be done in installments, you never know, so till we get the real deal on the table we can only speculate. 

How do you claim such payments, if it’s true in the future? 

Now, another mind-boggling question that must have come into the mind of many US people who have heard about such payment is what can they do to receive $12000 stimulus checks.

Let’s answer it for you guys, most of the time the IRS automatically pays the eligible taxpayers who have filed the prior year’s tax return on finding the taxpayer eligible based on the tax return information. 

So, if the agency makes any such announcement in the future, you may not need to take any action to receive these payments from the IRS, if you have filed your 2023 tax return on time. 

Eligible Social Security recipients and retirees will also receive the payments based on the SSA information through the method they regularly receive their Social Security payments.

However, people who have not filed a 2023 tax return, may have to file their tax return to receive such payment, even when they have no payment to report to the IRS. 

The news of $12000 stimulus checks for the US people has not been officially announced by any governing body of the US, so till then you must think it’s not real. So, if you get any call regarding such payments and you are asked to send your banking details, be aware it can be a scam. 

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