Refund Status – Is it Received, Approved or Sent by IRS

One who has filed a tax refund electronically or on-Paper may check the status through the official website of Internal Revenue Service, and find out that your return is accepted, received or sent. Stay tuned to know the step-by-step to track status. Refund Status

Internal Revenue Service has already accepted the tax return for year 2023 for January 29, 2024, if you have already filed and what to check that you return is accepted by the Internal Revenue Service, then you must be known of the fact that, for this, it is mandatory to have valid details such as SSN, Refund Amount, etc,.

Each one who have filed a tax refund for year 2023 need to know that after filing for a return electronically and on-Paper, an individual will have to wait 24 hours and four weeks, respectively, if the required time has passed since you filed return, then you may use the ‘Where’s My Refund’ toll to track Status.

How to check the IRS Tax Refund Status?

To track the tax refund status, you need to go through the step-by-step guide below.

1). Visit the Infernal Revenue Service (IRS)’s website, which is accessible at

2). Under the section of ‘How can we help you?,’ lookout for an option that reads ‘Get your refund status’ and tap on it.

3). Find a button for ‘Get your refund status’ and get redirected to another page.

4). Enter your Social Security Number, choose tax year as 2023, opt filing status as Single, Married-Filing Separate Return, Married-Filing Joint Return, Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er) / Surviving Spouse, fill in your Refund Amount and then hit the SUBMIT button. Refund Status

IRS Tax Refund Date 

According to the Internal Revenue Service, 90% of the tax return is going to be received within 21 days, which are filed electronically, if you e-Filed for refund, then you may receive the amount via direct deposit or physical check within 3 weeks. 

Those who also have claimed Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) or Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) may get the return by February 27, 2024, if they have e-Filed in the initial stage.

Whose tax return was accepted on January 29, 2024, are likely to get the refund most probably by February 12, 2024, if they have opted the payment method as direct deposit, who will file tax return in peak period may face a delay upto two weeks in getting the refund.

on-Paper tax return filers need to know that the Internal Revenue Service takes up to four months to process the refund, whether he or she has opted the method to get return via direct deposit or paper check.

What are the stages of IRS Tax Refund?

After filing for tax refund, the process goes through the three stages, which are Received, Approved and Sent. Learn the meaning of each from the below:

  • Received – It means that the concerned officials of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) received your refund filing and now they are processing it.
  • Approved – IRS has processed your refund, and accepted it and now you are likely to get the refund via opted payment method by date shown.
  • Sent – Your tax refund amount is sent via opted payment method, if you have chosen the direct deposit, it may take upto 5 days to reflect it in your bank account, and incase of paper check, you have to wait for upto two weeks.

If your tax refund is not received by the expected date, you are highly recommended to contact the concerned officials of Internal Revenue Service, to know the reason behind the delay or if there is any other issue.

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