Energy Bill Support Scheme: Check if you are eligible for it or not!

The Energy Bill Support Scheme provided eligible households in England, Scotland, and Wales with a £400 discount on their energy bills for the winter of 2022 to 2023, ending in March 2023. This automatic discount was applied to electricity bills over a six-month period, starting in October 2022, with varying monthly amounts.

Energy Bill Support Scheme

The Energy Bill Support Scheme delivered a £400 discount to households in England, Scotland, and Wales for the winter 2022-2023, concluding in March 2023. This discount was automatically applied to electricity bills over six months, commencing in October 2022 with payments of £66 in October and November, followed by £67 in December, January, February, and March. Eligibility remained constant, encompassing various scenarios like payment method changes, supplier switches, or address relocations.

The cost of living problem is putting pressure on many homes, and recovering this program will be advantageous to all households. No household must struggle with the cost of cooking or heating their homes, but with a similar initiative in place for the winter of 2023–2024, the government announces the energy bills support scheme.

Since the summer of 2021, the cost of energy has climbed dramatically both domestically and internationally. Concerns about how this may impact residential and commercial energy consumers are frequent. But the government has provided people with an energy bill support scheme which relieves the burden of individuals.

EBSS Eligibility:

The discount is available to any household in England, Wales, or Scotland that has a domestic energy connection.

The deal is still yours if:

  • You transfer to a new electricity provider or move to a new address.
  •  Your current supplier goes out of business.
  •  You are behind on your electricity bill payments.
  • If you reside in a public place, the method you receive is different.
  • It assists only low-income families.
  • Those who need high energy will have different eligibility criteria.
  • Your citizenship can also impact your eligibility.

Why did the government announce an Energy bill support scheme?

The government has announced the energy bill support scheme from 2022 to 2024 as we discussed earlier in this article for the individuals. Now, we will discuss why the government provides this subsidy:

  • The scheme eases the high financial burden of the individual.
  • This scheme can provide you with energy efficiency.
  • Energy bill assistance programs can also act as economic boosters. Governments may boost economic growth and create jobs by funding energy-related projects.
  • A nation’s energy security depends on ensuring a reliable and inexpensive energy supply. One strategy to maintain dependable energy sources and avoid energy crises is to support energy bills and energy infrastructure.

Although an Energy bill support scheme has many beneficial effects on our lives it also boosts the economy of the country.

Energy Bill Support Scheme

How is the EBSS going to be funded?

A windfall tax on oil and gas industry profits will help pay for a portion of the cost of this Energy Bills Support Scheme. This tax is expected to raise $5 billion over the course of the next year. While some of the cost will be covered by this, the Treasury will also need to spend other money to cover this.

Innovative Funding at EBSS

The Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS Alternative Funding) will provide a £400 fuel bill discount to people in England, Scotland, and Wales who do not have a direct relationship with a domestic energy supplier, including many people living in care facilities and park homes. For more details about the scheme, you can visit

Local authorities in Great Britain will make payments to homes that meet the eligibility requirements, including those who obtain their energy through a commercial contract or who are off-grid. This probably includes:

  • Care facility occupants
  • Those who live in park homes
  • Tenants in a few social and private rental homes
  • Residences that are powered by private wiring
  • Occupants of houseboats and travel trailers at authorized sites
  • Farmer households with farmhouses
  • Homes without electricity

Do I have to pay back the EBSS funds?

No, this is a non-repayable rebate given to qualified households starting in October to aid with energy costs. The government initially stated that the expenditures would be recovered over a number of years, but this has now been dropped. The £400 does not need to be returned.

Payments for winter energy:

Pensioners can receive between £100 and £300 to assist with winter heating costs. Additionally, they will get an additional one-time Pensioner Cost of Living Payment this winter, ranging from £150 to $300. The Winter Fuel Payment will automatically be topped off with this.

The government has put great effort into providing facilities to their citizens and also they are trying to enhance the economic rate of the country. We have covered the crucial parts of the Energy bill support scheme in this article. You can also check the updated information about the scheme from the above-mentioned official website.

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