EITC Refund Schedule 2024 – Direct deposit and paper check date!

Taxpayers who also have claimed the earned income tax credit are likely to get the refund as early of February 27, 2024, if they have e-Filed in the early stage, to check the complete schedule for getting the return incase of also filing EITC, scroll down.

EITC Refund Schedule 2024

IRS usually takes up to four weeks to process the refund, which are filed electronically with the earned income tax credit, whose tax refund is accepted on January 29, 2024, and are informed that their refund direct deposit or paper check is likely to be sent by February 27, 2024, check the estimated dates to get EITC Refund from the below.

EITC Refund Approved Direct Deposit Sent Paper Check Mailed 
January 29, 2024 February 27 – March 3, 2024 March 5-9, 2024
February 5, 2024 March 4-8, 2024 March 12-16, 2024
February 12, 2024 March 11-15, 2024 March 18-22, 2024
February 19, 2024 March 18-22, 2024 March 25-29, 2024
February 26, 2024 March 25-29, 2024 April 1-5, 2024
March 4, 2024 April 1-5, 2024 April 8-12, 2024
March 11, 2024 April 8-12, 2024 April 15-19, 2024
March 18, 2024 April 15-19, 2024 April 22-26, 2024
March 25, 2024 April 22-26, 2024 April 29 – May 3, 2024
April 1, 2024 April 29 – May 3, 2024 May 6-10, 2024
April 8, 2024 May 6-10, 2024 May 13-17, 2024
April 15, 2024 May 13-17, 2024 May 20-24, 2024

Once the EITC returns are sent, direct deposits are received within four to six days, and paper check delivery takes two weeks, that’s means if your EITC refund is sent by 27 February, you may receive direct deposit on 2 or 3 March 2024, and incase of a paper check, you have to wait until 10 March 2024.

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How to check the EITC Refund Status 2024

To check the earned income tax credit (EITC), you have to go through the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Go to the only official website of the Internal Revenue Service, which is accessible only at irs.gov/.
  • Lookout for an option that reads ‘Where’s My Refund’ under the section of the Tools and Application, hit on it and get redirected to the next page.
  • Now, you will be asked to fill in your SSN, Tax Year, Refund Amount & Filing Status and then tap on the Submit button.

Once you have gone through the procedure above, you will successfully have checked that your EITC Refund is approved or not, if your tax refund is accepted by the concerned officials, you will also be able to know the estimated date to get the direct deposit or paper check.

One can even download the IRS2GO application to track refund status, to track e-Filing, one has to provide required details, which are the same as mentioned above.

EITC Refund Schedule

What if the EITC Refund is delayed?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, they are likely to take four weeks to process the refund, which is e-filed with EITC. If you have also claimed a tax return with the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), then you must know that you may even face a delay of two weeks, because of verification process.

IRS has already informed taxpayers that to get the EITC refund they may have to wait for a long time compared to the estimated timeframe. If you have filed earned income tax credit refund during the peak period i.e. between end March 2024 and April 15, then you may have to wait even two months.

If your EITC refund status is showing as Sent, and you won’t have received the payout via direct deposit or paper check, wait up 5 and 10 days in case of direct deposit and paper check payment method, respectively. Even after that, if you don’t get it, then you have to contact the officials of IRS.

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