Civil Servants Pay Dates 2024 – Check the Complete Schedule here!

The salary payment dates for civil servants in Malaysia for the year 2024 have been officially announced. To know the payment schedule read the article below.

Civil Servants Pay Dates 2024

The Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia (AGD) has officially released the 2024 pay schedule, outlining the designated paydays for each month:

Month Day Day of the Week
January 24 Wednesday
February 23 Friday
March 25 Monday
April 25 Thursday
May 24 Friday
June 13 Thursday
July 19 Friday
August 23 Friday
September 25 Wednesday
October 24 Thursday
November 25 Friday
December 19 Tuesday

What is the current salary range for civil servants in Malaysia?

Determining the current salary range for Malaysian civil servants requires consideration of several factors, as it’s not just a singular range:

Grade System: 

  • Salaries are primarily based on the grade system, with 56 grades from DG (Director-General) to PA (Pegawai Awam). Each grade has a base salary range.


  • On top of the base salary, various allowances come into play, adding complexity to the overall picture.These include:
    • Fixed Allowances: Fixed monthly payments like the Fixed Civil Service Allowance and Fixed Housing Allowance.
    • Variable Allowances: Payments based on specific criteria like location, job nature, etc. (e.g., Rural Area Allowance, Critical Service Allowance).

Experience and Qualifications: 

  • Years of service and specific qualifications can affect base salary within a grade range.


  • Depending on the state or territory, additional location-based allowances might apply.

Therefore, providing a single salary range isn’t entirely accurate. However, here’s some guidance:

  • Starting salaries: For fresh graduates joining at the lowest grade (PA), the base salary starts around RM1,819 per month.
  • Senior positions: Salaries for higher grades like DG can reach RM26,734 per month (base salary only).
  • Overall range: Considering base salaries, allowances, and varying factors, the overall range could be roughly RM1,800 to RM27,000+ per month.

Civil Servants Pay Dates

What is the expected salary increase for civil servants in Malaysia in 2024?

There is still no confirmed information about the specific salary increase for Malaysian civil servants in 2024. While the government has made statements acknowledging the need for adjustments and hinted at potential increases, concrete details and percentages remain unannounced.

Possible Sources of Information:

  • 2024 Budget Presentation: Specific details on revised salary schemes and potential increases are expected to be unveiled during the budget presentation, usually held in mid-March.
  • Official Announcements: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) or the Accountant General’s Department (AGD) could directly announce any finalised changes and revised pay structures.

Current Expectations:

  • While no official figures have been released, various sources predict an increase between 3% and 5%.
  • The final percentage might vary depending on factors like performance, service years, and job grades.

Civil Servants Pay Benefits

Malaysian civil servants enjoy a range of benefits beyond their regular salaries. It includes:

  • Pension: Upon retirement, eligible civil servants receive a monthly pension calculated based on their final salary and years of service.
  • Gratuity: A one-time lump sum payment received upon retirement, calculated based on the last drawn salary and service months.
  • Medical & Dental Coverage: Comprehensive medical and dental coverage for the employee and their dependents through government hospitals and subsidised healthcare facilities.
  • Leave Benefits: Generous annual leave entitlements, sick leave, maternity leave, and other forms of authorised leave with pay.
  • Housing Benefits: Access to government housing schemes, housing allowances, and other subsidised housing options depending on eligibility and location.
  • Education Benefits: Assistance for children’s education through allowances, scholarships, and loan programs.
  • Travel Allowances: Reimbursement for official travel expenses, including transportation, accommodation, and daily subsistence allowances.

Factors Affecting Civil Servants’ Pay Date

While the official pay dates for Malaysian civil servants are predetermined by the Accountant General’s Department (AGD) and announced yearly, there are a few factors that can potentially affect the timing of receiving your salary:

  • Government Pay Schedule: Published annually by the Accountant General’s Department (AGD), outlining designated paydays for each month.
  • Public Holidays: If a pay date falls on a public holiday, it might be shifted to the next working day.
  • Weekends: If a pay date falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), it might be shifted to the preceding Friday.
  • Technical Issues: Delays due to system malfunctions or technical glitches in processing payroll.
  • Government Announcements: Changes in policies or unforeseen circumstances leading to delays.

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