California Middle Class Tax Refund Card – Amount and How to use it?

The Middle Class Tax Refund is a one time payment to provide relief to Californians. If you are eligible for that card you will automatically receive a payment. Californians will receive their Middle Class Tax Refund payment by direct deposit or debit card. 

California Middle Class Tax Refund Card

Middle Class Tax Refund was a Government plan to try and help Calofornian caught between rising inflation and rising gas price in 2022, the initial goal of the program was to give every qualified Californian a $400 check. 

California’s Middle Class Tax Refund program provided eligible Californians with one-time inflation relief payment; the California payment began two years ago and continued until January last year. 

However, despite more than 9.5 million debit containing refund money being sent to eligible Californians, data show millions of dollars in benefits remain unspent. As a result the California Franchise Tax Board has urged residents to activate their Middle Class Tax Refund debit card to access this financial aid. 

California Middle Class Tax Refund Card Payments

Payments which are beginning to be distributed now, are part of the $300 budget deal to help offset the high price of fuel and inflation related cost increases. The package returns a portion of California’s $97 billion surplus to taxpayers in relief payments of up to $1,050 for some families.

They will be sent as either direct deposits or as debit cards, the franchise tax board expects about 90% of the direct deposit. If you believe you are eligible to receive a payment and have not received it by February, call the customer support number lifted in the contact information section.  

The state has created a three tier system in which each eligible taxpayer will receive either $350, $250 or $200 and it depends on the adjusted gross income of their CA state tax return. Taxpayers with at least one dependent will receive an additional payment in the same amount. 

Qualifying Income First Tier Second Tier Third Tier
Single Tax Filers Up to $75,000 Up to $125,000 Up to $250,000
Single Tax Filers  Up to $75,000 Up to $75,001 Up to $250,000
Joint Tax Filers Up to $150,000 Up to $250,000 Up to $500,000
Joint Tax Filers Up to $150,001 Up to $250,001 Up to $500,001
Single Tax Filers (Payment amount) $350 $250 $200
Single Tax Filer + Dependant $700       $500 $400
Joint Tax Filer (Payment amount) $700 $500 $200
Joint Tax Filer + Dependent $1,050 $750 $600

Eligibility Criteria for the California Middle Class Tax Refund Card?

There are eligibility criteria for California Middle Class Tax Refund Card:

  • If you filed your 2020 tax return by the 15 October 2021 then you are eligible. 
  • If you meet the California adjusted gross income limits described in the What you may receive section. 
  • Those who are filing as head of household $500,000 or less. 
  • Qualifying widow and Married Domestic Partner filing separately $250,000
  • If you applied for an Individual Taxpayer Identification number but did not receive it by 15 October 2021, you must have filed your complete 2020 tax return. 
  • You were a California resident for 6 months or more of the 2020 tax year.
  • You must be a California resident on the date of the payment is issued. 

How to use your California Middle Class Tax Refund Card?

There are step by step to use your California Middle Class Refund Card:

  • First you have to Activate your debit card, set your 4 digit PIN and get your balance by calling 1 800 240 0223.
  • Review your Cardholder Agreement and fee schedule and Transaction Limits
  • Sign your Middle Class Tax Refund Debit Card.
  • You can shop anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted in store, online or by phone.
  • When you make PIN debit purchases at participating merchants you get a cash back at the register.
  • Then find a surcharge free in a network ATM where you can get cash.
  • You want to learn more about the use of California Middle Class Tax Refund then refer to the material in your California Middle Class Tax Refund Welcome Packet. 
  • After the confirmation, get your balance to log in by registering as a new user. 
  • Click on Check Your Refund to see the payment. 
  • And call customer service at 1 800 240 0223.

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