BC Hydro $100 Rebate: Earn Rewards by Reducing Your Power Usage!

The clock is ticking for British Columbia residents for the Bc hydro $100 rebate. It’s a golden opportunity for all B.C. residents and businesses to earn a cool reward for cutting their power usage by 10% over the year. Stay tuned to get more details!

BC Hydro $100 Rebate

The B.C. Hydro Program has offered this great deal for the people. You just have to cut your power consumption. Want to sign up for the program? Then you need to hurry, as the deadline to register for the program is just two days away (January 31, 2024).

In order to claim your reward from the program, let’s first shed light on what this program is about and how you can add an extra penny to your wallet.

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What is the BC Hydro rebate?

It comes under an energy conservation program called “BC Hydro Program”  where rebates will be offered to people who have cut 10% of their power usage in a year. 

A $100 rebate will be given to new customers who join between now and the end of the month and reduce their electricity use by 10% over 365 days. If you miss the deadline, the rebate comes down to $50.

The program was initiated in 2008, and according to the spokeswoman for B.C., about a quarter of a million customers have enrolled in the program since its launch, and over 100,000 of them have completed the challenge. The challenge is named “Team Power Smart” and anyone can join it online. 

BC Hydro $100 Rebate

Eligibility of the BC Hydro $100 rebate

This program is open to all residential BC Hydro customers. Whether you live in a cozy studio or a spacious house, everyone has the chance to save and earn.

  1. Join before January 31, 2024: Sign up on the BC Hydro website before the deadline to be eligible for the bc hydro $100 rebate.
  2. Track your progress: You can track your electricity consumption through the BC Hydro account. This account will also give reminders via text or email about peak power periods so you can cut your power usage. It’s called “Peak Saver.”  If you reduce the power consumption to 19%, you will receive $1, and if you reduce it to 20 % or more you will receive $3 as a reward. Usually, the “Peak saver” opportunity comes for only one to three hours when the power demand is high. According to Rieder, you can participate in as many such events as you can. 
  3. Target: Monitor your electricity consumption throughout the year and compare it to the previous year. 
  4. Claim your reward: When you achieve your target of a 10% power cut compared to the previous year, you receive a reward of $100 in your account. B.C. will automatically credit the amount to your account.

Tips to cut down your power usage throughout the year

While the Peak Saver program focuses on reducing consumption during peak hours, we can apply a few of its factors to control power consumption throughout the year.

Below, we have listed a few tips to keep your power consumption in check:

  1. Embrace Energy efficient tools: 

Invest your time and money in energy-efficient appliances like LED bulbs and all. Go for air-drying clothes instead of tumble dryers, use natural light; and instead of cooking in an oven or stove in peak hours, go for small appliances like toasters or a slow cooker, etc.

  1. Schedule your smart appliances:

If you use smart appliances, use the scheduling feature efficiently. In this way, you can avoid peak hours, avoid unnecessary energy consumption, and earn through the PeakSaver program.

  1. Unplug your appliances: 

Many electronic devices drain power while they are plugged in. So, make it your habit to unplug the appliances after you have used them, especially adapters.

  1. BC website conversation:

 BC Hydro offers a depth of knowledge and resources to help you save energy. Join the forum and workshops, and stay informed to utilize this opportunity in your best interest. 

  1. Alternative energy sources: 

You can also go for alternative energy sources, like solar panels and wind turbines. Though initially, it would cost a lot, it will be beneficial in the long run. Plus, it will also reduce the carbon footprint. 

Remember, small changes in your daily routine can add up to substantial savings over time. By incorporating these tips and participating in programs like Peak Saver, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while taking control of your energy bills.

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